The state of Arizona filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration for the vaccine mandate being "unconstitutional" and for favoring elites and illegals over Americans.

According to Right Side Broadcasting Network, the lawsuit was filed on Tuesday by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich due to the COVID-19 vaccination imposed on 100 million American workers. The lawsuit is the first of its kind filed against Biden's Administration for the said mandate.

"Arizona sues Biden administration over 'unconstitutional' vaccine mandates," RSBN announced on Thursday in Twitter.

NOQ Report added that the lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court of Arizona on claims of violating the Equal Protection Clause by "protecting" the "freedom and bodily autonomy" of migrants "more than American citizens."

"I promised Arizonans that we would not stand for the Biden Administration's egregious federal overreach on vaccine mandates. Today, we have filed the first lawsuit in the nation against the unconstitutional mandates. Arizona will not tolerate this assault on our sovereignty," Brnovich declared on September 14.

Brnovich's promise pertained to a post he made the prior week to hold the Biden Administration "accountable" for the vaccine mandates, based on the Executive Order released on September 9.

"This week, the Biden Administration again showed a complete disregard for our Constitution and individual liberties. We will do everything we can to hold them accountable for their illegal, unconstitutional vaccine mandates," Brnovich said.

As part of the COVID-19 Action Plan, President Biden has required vaccinations "for over 17 million health care workers at Medicare and Medicaid participating hospitals and other health care settings" and "for all federal workers and for millions of contractors that do business with the federal government." He has also required employers with more than 100 employees to ensure their workers are vaccinated or tested weekly, and for employers to give paid time offs to get vaccinated. He has likewise demanded large entertainment venues to ask for proof of vaccination or testing for entry.

The United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration had announced that it is currently developing a policy that will require all employers with 100 or more employees to make sure their workforce is fully vaccinated, or require any workers who are unvaccinated to produce a negative result at least weekly before coming to work. The ruling is expected to impact more than 80 million workers in the private sector who employ more than 100. Initially, the mandate will be implemented through the OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard.

Brnovich, a Republican Senatorial candidate, pointed out in a statement that the mandates can not be forced by the government on citizens. He instead directed attention on migrants who enter the United States boarder without being required for vaccination.

"The federal government cannot force people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The Biden Administration is once again flouting our laws and precedents to push their radical agenda. There can be no serious or scientific discussion about containing the spread of COVID-19 that doesn't begin at our southern border," Brnovich stressed.

Brnovich's lawsuit came after Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and 17 other governors pledged last week to resort to legal action against Biden's vaccine mandates. Ducey said in a statement that Biden believes he has "endless power over the American people" to impose such a requirement. Ducey raised that Biden "failed at controlling the COVID-19 pandemic" and has instead resorted to an "authoritarian approach to government."

"We will pursue every legal and administrative option to make sure that President Biden doesn't cause permanent damage to the United States economy and our individual freedoms," Ducey said.

In a succeeding post, Brnovich expressed gratitude to those who supported him in filing the lawsuit. He reiterated that the COVID-19 mandates of Biden's administration are an "assault" on the rights of people that he and the state will fight against.

"Thank you to everyone who has expressed support for our lawsuit against the Biden Administration's unprecedented, unheard-of, and unconstitutional federal vaccine mandates. Arizona will continue to lead the fight against Biden's historic assault on state sovereignty," Brnovich remarked in Twitter on Thursday.