A pro-life group from Texas announced on Monday that they suspect a local doctor's public announcement of violating the Texas Heartbeat Act or Senate Bill 8 as a "stunt" and a "bait" for a lawsuit.

Texas Right to Life, an organization that positions itself as "statewide builders of a pro-life Texas," released a statement on Monday announcing their suspicions on an op-ed written by San Antonio-based OB/GYN Alan Braid entitled, "I Violated Texas' Abortion Ban. Here's Why."

"Texas Right to Life is suspicious that Braid's op-ed is purely a legal and publicity ploy. The abortion industry's 16 previous efforts failed to stop this law from saving lives so far, and this may be another attempt. However, there is a four-year statute of limitations for any violations," the statement said.

In addition, Texas Right To Life also finds suspicious the lawsuit filed against Braid by one disbarred lawyer--Felipe Gomez--and another in "home confinement"--Oscar Stilley. The organization stressed that the lawsuits are mere "stunts" and are not out to save innocent lives. They pointed out that Gomez is really out to have SB 8 declared as unconstitutional by attacking the doctor. While Stilley merely used the lawsuit to "air grievances about his felony conviction."

"Neither of these lawsuits are valid attempts to save innocent human lives. Both cases are self-serving legal stunts, abusing the cause of action created in the Texas Heartbeat Act for their own purposes. We believe Braid published his op-ed intending to attract imprudent lawsuits, but none came from the Pro-Life movement," Texas Right To Life declared.

"Texas Right to Life is resolute in ensuring the Texas Heartbeat Act is fully enforced and we believe Braid's effort will fail just like the abortion industry's other legal attacks on the law so far," they stressed.

Texas Right To Life Legislative Director John Seago disclosed with The Washington Post that they are looking into all possible "options to hold anyone accountable who breaks the (Texas) law."

Braid, in his op-ed, said that he is very much aware "there could be legal consequences" for what he has done, as well as, the "personal risk" involved in it.

"I understand that by providing an abortion beyond the new legal limit, I am taking a personal risk, but it's something I believe in strongly," Braid underscored.

CBN News, on the other hand, highlighted that abortion advocate NARAL Pro-Choice America Acting Vice President Of Communications Kristin Ford have praised Braid for his op-ed and raised that Roe v. Wade has become "meaningless" in Texas putting the abortion industry in "limbo," which Braid's op-ed is trying to address.

Last week, the United States Department of Justice has asked former President Barack Obama-nominee Judge Robert Pitman to preside over a case they filed to temporarily halt the enforcement of SB 8 while the litigation for it is still in process.

A move that the Texas Right To Life says it is "not surprised" to see out since the Biden Administration is really "desperate" in stopping SB8 "from saving lives" such that they will do whatever it takes to do so and as fast as possible. The organization said they "expect an impartial court to declare the DOJ's lawsuit invalid."

Texas Right To Life has been in support of SB 8 even prior to it's implementation last September 1. The organization has released an informative video about the law in its YouTube Channel last August 27 to help the public better understand it and to encourage their participation in upholding it.