Christians reportedly bring in Bibles into Iran through smuggling since it's illegal to possess one in the country.

Mission Network News revealed that Christians are subjected to six years imprisonment when found to be in possession of the Holy Bible. To circumvent the law against it, Bibles are then smuggled across the border along with other contrabands. The Bibles are then given to Christians once it has entered the border for distribution to whoever needs it.

"We have two people living at our home right now whose friends were sentenced to six years in prison for having a Bible. There's a real concern. And yet there's a real zeal and desire for freedom," a Christian named Joe told MNN during the interview.

MNN pointed out that Joe-not his real name for security reasons-actually helps in the smuggling of the Bibles into Iran. Joe, a Christian and ministry worker, divulged that the Bible is brought intoi Iran through regular smugglers as part of their business.

"They do this as a business. We're not concerned about them turning anyone in because that's their business. They don't want to lose money," Joe remarked pertaining to the regular smugglers.

Joe said that there are drop-off points Christians have designated for the Bibles. What happens is that the Bible is left there and are then picked up later by whoever needs it so that "no one meets each other" out of the need to "secure themselves." The exchange happens easily since the Bibles come in book forms or in a digital format contained in SD cards.

"They also distribute into other networks of believers that we haven't met. They use secure drop-off points where no one meets each other so that they can be secure themselves," Joe disclosed.

Despite breaking the law imposed by Iran against the possession of the Holy Scriptures, Joe said he doesn't fret about it since he believes he does what is asked of him as a Christian. That is "giving to Caesar what is Ceasar's" and to "God what is God's."

"We're supposed to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. Whenever Caesar starts opposing God and His love, I'm willing to step beyond Caesar at that point," Joe declared.

Joe explained during the interview that Iranians have a thirst to hear the Good News out of their experience of persecution and oppression over the years. He said the Iranians are "rebelling" from the government and in that process they met Jesus Christ from whom they "feel freedom and the love of God."

This is why Joe said there is a need to pray for the Christians in Iran, particularly the smugglers and those who help in the distribution of the Bibles. He also asked for prayers for non-Christians in Iran to be open to the Good News.

"Pray we would continue to be emboldened to trust in Him as we go forth. Pray that many people would come to faith, that many people would receive the Word of God and be called out of darkness into His light," Joe urged.