The state of Wisconsin is aiming to conduct an audit of the 2020 Elections results similar to that of Arizona's.

One America News Network announced the plans of Wisconsin's officials to conduct an election audit that is patterned after the style used by the state of Arizona. The officials are already ramping up their efforts for an election audit to be conducted.

"Wis. aiming for Ariz. style election audit," OANN said in Twitter on Thursday.

OANN's tweet includes the video clip of their interview with one of the Wisconsin officials, Ad Hoc Committee Spokesman Jefferson Davis. OANN's Camryn Kinsey disclosed in the interview that the GOP has "mobilized" groups to conduct the election audit.

In the interview, Davis gave an update on their efforts in line with the current audit efforts they have been doing on the 2020 election results. Davis revealed that they have actually discovered "quite frightening" data taken from all the counties of the state.

"We have been able to get our hands on some data and the data that we're seeing in the 72 counties here in Wisconsin is quite frightening," Davis said.

"Our data analysts are combing through it right now. We're trying to pigeon-hole where election fraud most occurred," he added.

Reports from last week indicated that the Wisconsin audit discovered about 23,000 votes coming from people with the same phone number, and about 8,000 voters -from one county- were registered in 1918.

Davis, during the interview, disclosed plans they intend to take in line with the data they have discovered, which included implementing the style used by Arizona in their election audit. He explained that they have initially reached out to Wisconsin's legislative audit bureau but were met with resistance and were even ignored. He said they "refused to talk" to them. So they have decided to take another measure to move forward in what they are doing.

According to Davis, the next step to move forward is to jump over the "bureaucracy" by figuring out a faster way of doing the audit while pinpointing fraud hotspots in Wisconsin.

"We want to try and figure out where we can get access to an audit--a physical, cyber, and canvassing audit--much quicker than what's going on in the last eleven months," Davis disclosed. "We are meeting and discussing right now how we can examine hotspots in Wisconsin."

Kinsey asked if they do intend to file an open-records request and Davis responded positively, citing that Wisconsin laws do provide for such a measure. He said they are considering to request it because they believe that what happened in Arizona in terms of the election fraud similarly took place in Wisconsin.

"We are considering of filing an open-records request where we can go to the county examine some of the physical ballots similar that is happening in Arizona," Davis responded.

"The issue here is," he stressed, "we believe that the same type of antics are being done here in Wisconsin but we don't have."

In March, the Wisconsin Assembly authorized that an investigation be undertaken in line with the 2020 election results after discovering that votes cast was .63% (20,682) more than the actual record for President Joe Biden's alleged win.