Efforts To Have 2020 Presidential Election Results Decertified Following Audit Growing

President Donald Trump with AZ Sen. Wendy Rogers
President Donald Trump with AZ Sen. Wendy Rogers |

An Arizona Senator is pushing to have the 2020 Presidential election results decertified following the results of the audit.

WND said Senator Wendy Rogers launched a website for the decertification of the election results following the "display of evidence" from the recently concluded audit, which is still pending the release of its official report.

The senator's website contains a photo of former President Donald Trump and a petition "to decertify the election." The website disclosed that it was created through the funding of the senator, and also highlighted statements made by Trump that reinforces Roger's agenda of decertification. Rogers announced the petition in her Twitter account last August 5.

"President Trump knows I am fighting hard for election integrity, which is why he quoted me twice in the same week. If you agree with me and President Trump that we must recall our electors and decertify the 2020 election, add your name and let's get this done!" Rogers stressed in the website.

Last month, Rogers revealed intentions that she "will be fighting, fighting, fighting" for the decertification of President Joe Biden's votes based on the results of the Arizona forensic audit that warrants it "is absolutely imperative."

"We have to finish the audit, we have to hold the Maricopa County supervisors accountable to include possibly sending them to jail. There is already enough information to justify this," Rogers announced.

Rogers has been announcing the number of petitions her website have garnered through her Twitter account. She said on August 7 that she already has 50,000 signatures and would need a million. Three days after launching the petition, Rogers then said that the website has already collected 87,000 signature and, sadly, the "high demand" has led the website to crash.

"We are up to 50k signatures. We need 1 million minimum. Help me get there. We must show that we have support for decertification," Rogers revealed.

"87k signatures now. Marching to 1 million. Sign," she added afterwards.

The auditors who conducted the audit in Maricopa County announced through Arizona Senate President Karen Fann on July 28 that they have already finished counting the ballots and will be releasing a report after analyzing the data they have collected from it.

"The physical tabulation of the ballots are complete and are being returned to Maricopa County tomorrow," Fann announced.

The audit was accomplished through three series of recounts. The first was by the Cyber Ninja auditing team who completed 2.1 million ballots last June. The second was conducted by the Maricopa County officials that resulted to a mismatch. Then finally by a team supervised by Randy Pullen, the former Arizona Republican Party Chair.

The auditing experienced several "blocks" before it finally was completed. In the months during the audit, several discrepancies were reported such as the voting machines' entire database being deleted by county officials and access to the router used during the elections not being provided to the auditors, among others.

WND pointed out in its report that it wasn't made clear if there would be a possibility of overturning election results once the audit has revealed that fraud actually took place or that the results themselves are "found to be fraudulent." The media outlet stressed that is an "entirely new territory" that remains to be answered.

Rogers revealed in her campaign website that although "there won't likely be a national call for this," the petition intends "to send a clear message" that they are "not confident with election results."

"Although there won't likely be a national call for this, Rogers and other Arizona Republicans in Arizona as well as her supporters want to send a clear message. They are not confident in the election process and want things to be better and to be assured there is not fraud ever again. Just a couple of days ago, there was so much demand for Rogers' website they had to upgrade the servers to keep traffic flowing," the website statement read.