A pro-life group called the federal appeals court's reinstatement of the Texas Heartbeat Act or Senate Bill 8 as "an answered prayer."

CBN News said the United States Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit ruled on Friday in favor of Texas against the temporary injunction placed by United States District Court for the Western District of Texas Judge Robert Pitman on Senate Bill 8 two days earlier.

Texas Right To Life Spokeswoman Kim Schwartz celebrated the appeals court's decision and called it an answered prayer.

"This is an answered prayer. We expect the Biden administration to appeal to the Supreme Court of the U.S., and we are confident Texas will continue to defeat these attacks on our life-saving efforts," Schwartz said.

As reported previously, Pitman approved on October 6 the request for temporary injunction filed by President Joe Biden's Department of Justice against the implementation of SB8. Pitman sided with the Biden Administration on grounds that abortion should be provided to "pregnant people" as a right given in the United States Constitution. Pitman raised that the "the Court recognizes that not all pregnant people identify as women" and SB 8 "deprives" them to obtain abortion.

The appeals court's decision was announced by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Friday night. Paxton stressed in his announcement that he will keep fighting to keep the state from "federal overreach."

"Tonight the Fifth Circuit has granted an administrative stay in the #SB8 case. I will continue to fight to keep #Texas free from federal overreach," Paxton said.

Paxton filed the motion for appeal the morning of Friday, which he also announced in Twitter as part of his fight against the District Court's "lawless order." The state of Texas did inform the Western District Court of Texas as soon as Pitman sided with the Biden Administration that they will be filing a motion for appeal.

"Today I have filed a motion to stay the District Court's lawless order in the 5th Circuit. I'll continue to fight against the Biden Administration's overreach. #SB8" Paxton declared.

Besides Texas Right To Life, other pro-life organizations applauded the federal appeal's court decision to reinstate Senate Bill 8 after Pitman declared it as a "statutory scheme" of the state of Texas for empowering any citizen to file a lawsuit against anyone who had an abortion after a fetal heartbeat was detected. Staunch pro-lifer Lila Rose called it as an "amazing news" and pointed out how many lives have been saved by SB8 since it took effect on September 1.

"BREAKING: The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed Judge Pitman's injunction blocking the Texas heartbeat law. The law is 100% back in effect," Rose said in Twitter.

"Truly amazing news. The heartbeat law was saving an estimated 100 lives every day," she added.

However, Center for Reproductive Rights President Nancy Northup isn't happy about the appeals court decision. Northup said in a statement that the court is mad for doing so and called the 5th Circuit's decision "well-reasoned."

"The Supreme Court needs to step in and stop this madness. It's unconscionable that the Fifth Circuit stayed such a well-reasoned decision that allowed constitutionally protected services to return in Texas," Northup said.

Northup reasoned that the appeals court decision has thrown people back into "a state of chaos and fear" because of the "cruel" SB8 removed of its block for being implemented. She raised that most negatively affected by this "discriminatory" decision are "people of color", as well as, indigenous and undocumented immigrants since their "fundamental right" to health care is violated.