British boxer Tyson Fury gave God the glory for his knockout win against Deontay Wilder on Saturday.

Fury retained his World Boxing Council heavyweight title when he beat Wilder in the 11th round of their fight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, CBN News reported.

Knocked down twice in the fourth round, Fury was grateful to God for his eventual victory.

"I would like to say thank you to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In the mighty name of Jesus, I won this fight tonight again. I give him the glory. He gives me the victory," he said.

"I was down a couple of times. I was hurt. He's a strong puncher. He is a tough man. I was hitting him with some big shots. And my Lord and Savior rose me to my feet tonight to give him the glory," the boxer further stated.

In a statement captured by CBS Sports, Fury did brag about his toughness but maintained that God was the One Who helped him.

"Like the great John Wayne said, I'm made of pig iron and steel, baby! I took some big shots but my lord and savior helped me up and kept me going. It was a great fight tonight and it's worthy of any trilogy in the history of the sport," he declared.

During his interview after the fight last weekend, he showed his devotion to Christ by wearing a cap with the words "Jesus: El Rey Viene," the Spanish translation of the phase "Jesus, the King is coming."

The pair's first encounter in the boxing ring took place in December 2018, wherein it ended with a split decision draw. However, Wilder claimed at the time that he won since he was able to knock down Fury twice.

When they returned to the ring for a rematch in February 2020, Fury dominated the game and was declared the winner.

In the latest fight, which both boxers declared will be their last one, concluded with Wilder having a bloody left ear.

The "Gypsy King"

Nicknamed the "Gypsy King," Fury's parents were English travelers who live on the road in caravans and sometimes in campsites.

He was born premature and weighed only one pound that the doctors claimed he will not survive.

But his father, John, revealed that he envisioned his son to be like Mike Tyson, thus named him after the former heavyweight world champion.

"I remember looking at him and thinking, he'll be 7ft tall, 20 stone, he's going to be called after Mike Tyson, and he'll be the heavyweight champion of the world," his father shared.

John's prediction for his son came true and at just 14 years old, Fury won his first boxing fight because his opponent reportedly ran away when he saw how big he was.

Debuting as a professional boxer in 2008, he won by a technical knockout against Hungarian boxer Bela Gyongyosi in the first round.

He went on to knock out his six other opponents for the next seven months.

In 2009, Fury won his first belt, the English Heavyweight Title, when he defeated John McDermott.