President Joe Biden's administration reiterated its commitment to promote abortion locally and internationally as its "moral" priority.

The Christian Headlines said Biden's Gender Policy Council is expanding its abortion on demand "at home and abroad" by pledging to promote a 10-point strategy that is highlighted as a "moral" imperative.

The White House posted a Fact Sheet, entitled "National Strategy On Gender Equity And Equality," in its website on Friday, October 22. The Fact Sheet is tagged as one of the administration's "strategic priorities" and includes the 42-page "Gender Strategy Report."

"The Biden-Harris Administration issues first-ever national gender strategy to advance the full participation of all people--including women and girls--in the United States and around the world," The White House said of the Fact Sheet.

The Fact Sheet emphasizes that both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris "believe that advancing gender equity and equality is fundamental to every individual's economic security, safety, health, and ability to exercise their most basic rights." It stressed that gender equity and equality are "essential" the country's "economic growth and development" and enables all people to reach their "full potential."

"It is also essential to economic growth and development, democracy and political stability, and the security of nations across the globe. Ensuring that all people, regardless of gender, have the opportunity to realize their full potential is, therefore, both a moral and strategic imperative," the Fact Sheet stressed.

Accordingly, the strategy refers to its 10 areas of approach as "interconnected priorities." These priorities or strategies focus on health; education; climate change; gender-based violence; justice and immigration; security and humanitarian relief; science and technology; economic security; human rights and equality under the law; and democracy, participation, and leadership.

The White House stressed that such a strategy could be seen as a "bold vision" that requires "government-wide responsibility" across the "Biden-Harris Administration." It then elaborated that the strategy will then be cascaded to the different areas of "leadership" of the government in order to "to advance gender equity and equality at home and abroad."

As per the Fact Sheet, this strategy was already incorporated in the American Rescue Plan, the Build Back Better Agenda, and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal of Biden. The strategy was also in mind when they established the Gender Equity and Equality Action Fund that allegedly have "restored" in the world stage "America's leadership" on women's rights.

The White House also disclosed that going after the Texas Heartbeat Act from being implemented is also part of the strategy so as to ensure that Roe v. Wade will remain in place to safeguard women's constitutional rights. The White House once more asserted that the "Texas law" is allegedly a blatant violation of women's constitutional rights.

"To advance women's health around the world, the Biden-Harris Administration has revoked the Global Gag Rule and reinstated funding to the UNFPA. In the United States, the Administration has called for historic investments to respond to the maternal mortality crisis. The President also launched a whole-of-government effort to respond to the recent Texas law which blatantly violates women's constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion under Roe v. Wade," The Fact Sheet said before closing.

The attached Gender Strategy Report, meanwhile, acknowledged that The White House Gender Policy Council's strategy is a collaboration with "250 nonprofit and community-based organizations" that excludes the involvement of 270 "girls, young women, and gender nonconforming youth leaders" from across the country and over 12 countries in the world.

It pointed out that the report and the strategy itself underwent consultations with "stakeholders" who it looks forward to continuously work with to achieve its "vision of a world where people of all genders are guaranteed the equity, equality, and dignity they deserve."