A Texas veteran and Big Sandy United Methodist Church Pastor reportedly thanked Jesus for his very long life as he prepares to turn 100 on Nov. 18.

CBN News said Jack Hetzel, an author of eight books and Army veteran in World War II, expressed his gratitude to God for all his accomplishments in life, which included forming businesses, meeting with American presidents, and a decade of preaching the Gospel.

Accordingly, Hetzel fought in the Battle of the Bulge and in Normandy where he served as a pilot during World War II. He also served as an Army Air Corpsman during the war. It was during the war that he started preaching the Gospel and continued to do so for decades. He eventually helped other houses of worship through his leadership.

"After being in the military, I finally agreed with God that it was time for me to preach. If God puts something into a person, why would you retire from it? I don't minister; I am a minister. I don't like to vacate. I like to do what I'm doing," Hetzel said in an interview with the Telegraph.

In an interview with Tyler Morning Telegraph, Hetzel highlighted the goodness of God in his life and disclosed his readiness to meet his Creator.

"I believe I'm going to go to 112, but I'm ready to go anytime. God has been so good to me to live 100 years," Hetzel said.

Hetzel is said to have inspired many people for his accomplishments, especially recently when he was put on spotlight for getting his high school diploma at 99 years old. Christianity Daily reported in June that Hetzel had been wanting to get his high school diploma since 1948 but was not able to until after seven decades.

Hetzel earned a GED in 1948 after "dropping out of school in the third grade" due to undisclosed circumstances. He then decided to get a diploma by enrolling at the Big Sandy High School. He joined the graduating class last May 28, 2021 and was honored during the ceremonies for his persistence to do so despite his age.

This led Texas Senator Bryan Hughes to come out with Resolution No. 553 to commend Hetzel for fulfilling "a lifelong dream by receiving his high school diploma at the age of 99." Hughes explained that giving Hetzel honors for his accomplishment in the week of Memorial Day was a most timely and opportune thing to do.

"Getting his high school diploma at his age and his background, with all he's accomplished in life especially on this Memorial Day weekend, it seemed appropriate to give him special honors. We're proud of him. He's someone that I represent, so I'm glad to brag about him and tell the story. It was fun for us," Hughes said.

In an interview KETK-TV in line with his graduation, Hetzel disclosed his excitement and shared the importance of education. Despite having his lack of a diploma, he became a successful entrepreneur and a Texas A&M University Military Science instructor after military retirement. He has also launched many non-profit charities that has helped many people, which actually makes him happy.

"It's very exciting. You see when you have little education and then you have to come up through life and you have to front life with little education, you have to learn somehow," Hetzel revealed.

But of all his accomplishments, the greatest blessing Hetzel said he got from God is his long life. Hetzel underscored this when he received his diploma and the commendation from Texas on it.

"99 years of age, that's something to be blessed about. I know my (L)ord and (S)avior Jesus Christ, that's enough to be blessed about. How much more do I need?" Hetzel shared.