Creationist theologian Ken Ham is thrilled to announce the publication of "Creation to Babel: A Commentary for Families," a book he has been anticipating for years.

"This book is a "devotional commentary," written with the family in mind, on the foundational chapters of the Bible-Genesis 1-11. You'll discover what God has revealed about himself, what we can know about ourselves, how Genesis points towards Christ, receive answers to many of your questions about the Genesis text, and more in this new commentary," Ham wrote in his November 21 blog.

Over the last 40 years, he's reportedly been asked a lot of questions regarding Genesis 1-11. This new commentary is said to explain all of them.

Ham was asked by Answers in Genesis' speakers Bodie Hodge and Avery Foley where he received all of the questions for his new book. Creation apologetics, according to Ham, has been a part of his lifelong ministry for more than 45 years. These questions were on his mind throughout the lockdowns. His goal, however, was to put together a book that the whole family could enjoy reading while learning.

"It's foundational to the family," he said. It's also foundational for every Christian.

When considering the foundation of one's faith, Ham emphasized the significance of Genesis chapters 1 to 11, since it raises many tough yet intriguing issues, such as who created the angels. According to him, many churches have given up on that chapter of the Bible by discarding it as insignificant.

"Like building a house, you start with Genesis 1-11, and then you build the rest of the house which is the rest of the Bible. And so, obviously, as I go through that verse by verse, I'm jumping to the New Testament and to other passages in the Old Testament as well," he explained.

Foley offered her thoughts on the book as well.

"And so, as you're reading through it as a family, when your kids have those questions, you have a resource right there," she said. "You can go through it together along with the biblical text to just be like, 'Here. Here's what the Bible says this. Here's when we can understand this. We know about the world around us starting with God's word to explain the world around us.' So a lot of that, but also what I loved about it is that it has a very devotional tone to it. It's a very honest worship."

While most commentators on the Bible focus on the technical aspects of the texts, Foley observed that Ham's devotional commentary places more emphasis on God's character, which gives honor to His status as the Creator of the universe.

Ham agreed, referring to the technical aspect as "clinical" in their theological jargon, but he had worked hard to accomplish the devotional aspect of letting the reader marvel at God's infinite majesty.

Those interested can order a copy of "Creation to Babel" at for themselves and their families, or consider ordering a few copies to give as presents this holiday season. The Kindle edition is also available for purchase right now.