Christian-Themed Attraction "Ark Encounter" Is The Most Popular Place Of Interest In Kentucky

The Ark Encounter in Kentucky
The Ark Encounter, which features a life-sized Ark and a gate that reminds people of God's promise after the flood, is Kentucky's most popular attraction. |

The "Ark Encounter" was voted the most popular destination in the state of Kentucky based on the recent data gathered by Musement, an online vacation booking service.

Ken Ham, CEO and former president of Answers in Genesis, was overjoyed to learn that their Christian-themed attraction, which includes a life-size Noah's Ark, had been rated first in the state.

In the Kentucky town of Williamstown, Ark Encounter is located in Grant County, about midway between Cincinnati and Lexington, and is easily accessible from Interstate 75.

The family-friendly attraction includes a full-scale replica of Noah's Ark, which was constructed in accordance with the biblical specifications. This contemporary engineering wonder, which measures 510 feet in length, 85 feet in width, and 51 feet in height, continues to amaze visitors of all ages.

Inside the Ark, visitors will enjoy an immersive virtual experience of Noah's time where they will see the construction of the Ark, the flood, enter the ark with the animals and more. The three decks of the Ark were also brimming with wonderfully designed educational displays that would challenge guests to consider the biblical story of Noah's Ark in a new light.

Aside from the animal encounter activities and daily lectures by various speakers, the Ark Encounter hosts a variety of events such as concerts and conferences. In addition to the Ark, there is a large family playground that has been designed to accommodate children of all ages. Another attraction is a zip line that can go at speeds of up to 50 mph and is 17 stories in height.

According to Ham, the Ark will become more busier in the near future. Thousands of people are expected to attend their 40 Days and 40 Nights of Gospel Music event which will take place from August 2-September 10, 2021. Many of the most well-known gospel musicians will perform at what will be the world's largest Christian music event.

What Happened to the Original Noah's Ark?

 According to the website for the Ark Encounter, Mount Ararat was the focus of most contemporary inquiries on the location of the ark in eastern Turkey.

Ham's team has put together three of the most famous claims of ark sightings: a picture taken by the United States intelligence agency in 1949 on the north-west side of Mount Ararat, George Hagopian's claim that he and his uncle discovered a large ship on top of Mount Ararat in the Ahora Gorge area in 1908, and the "Ark-shaped" formation at the Durupinar site in Turkey.

However, the Bible does not indicate Mount Ararat as the landing site of the Ark. Although the Ark had stopped on the highlands of Ararat as per Genesis 8:4, the mountain was said to be a dormant volcano which last broke out in 1840 with several far bigger eruptions after the Ice Age. In light of this, the issue arises as to how a wooden ship would fare if it were completely submerged by lava.

Therefore, it appears improbable that in modern times, Noah's Ark has been discovered.

Another interesting side note: The Creation Museum, a sister attraction to the Ark Encounter, has garnered thousands of positive ratings as well. According to Ham, the number of visitors to both sites grows every day, with record numbers expected to arrive in the coming months.