California-based preacher Mario Murillo spoke on the importance of standing firm in faith in the face of evil. He also shared his opinions on what he believes makes a successful leader and who he believes possess these characteristics.

"Our present 'leaders' have humiliated us before our enemies, stolen our freedoms, and wrecked our economy. It is clear that not only do we need a leader, we need that leader now. We cannot wait for 2024," remarked Murillo on his January 3 blog post.

In 2022, he said, Christians would face the most perilous diversion in the form of a cloud of deceit that evil will use to sabotage their development and wipe away their victories.

In any case, he made it clear that his purpose is not "doom and gloom, "but rather "discernment and preparation" so that Christians would be ready to capture the year 2022 "for the glory of God."

Murillo then shares his thoughts on who and what, in his opinion, makes a good leader.

"So, who led the political charge in 2022?" he asked. "My answer must include a mention of General George S. Patton."

He advised that people watch Victor David Hanson's lecture on Patton, in which he explained why Patton was prevented from leading an army. He said that it was because his superiors did not comprehend war.

In his analysis of Patton, Murillo noted that he was not just a great commander who won battles, but also an unparalleled strategist who knew how to win wars in general.

President Donald Trump, he said, is America's Patton.

"He is our Patton," asserted Murillo. "Once again, the Christian therapeutic system does not like him. He is not sweet. He has given out mean tweets. But we do not need Mr. Rogers right now. We need a political general who understands the evil and will not quit."

According to Murillo, Trump learned how to expose corruption and force agreements in favor of the United States while living in New York City. Trump, according to Murillo, would have to deal with massive corruption, convoluted rules, and criminal organizations if elected. In addition, he developed his empire in the face of illogical opposition.

While Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, has the potential to be a great leader, Murillo feels that he first has to win the state for Trump and the Republicans and create his legacy in Florida.

As of today, Murillo is certain without a doubt that a "Patton" candidate will lead the way both in the midterm elections and in the presidential race will be necessary for a bright future for America.

In what should come as no surprise, the Democrats are hell-bent on taking down whatever they perceive to be pro-Trump, including evangelical groups campaigning for righteousness in America.

Nevertheless, Murillo encouraged American Christians.

"Do not let anyone shame you for believing in American freedom," he said. "Do not let the head-in-the-cloud Christians who are binging on emotional experiences distract you from speaking out. We must pray, evangelize, organize, and keep our foot on the gas. Freedom is in sight!"