International pro-life organization Heartbeat International announced on Saturday that their Abortion Pill Rescue Network experienced "miracles walking among us," having rescued 3,000 lives so far.

In its Facebook post last January 8, Heartbeat International shared a link regarding the latest updates on its Abortion Pill Rescue Network. The post highlighted Heartbeat International President Jor-El Godsey's statements on the importance of the said network.

"As a new era of accessibility to chemical abortion lures women into a decision they really don't want, the Abortion Pill Rescue Network is all the more important," Godsey said.

Heartbeat International, a multi-denominational Christian organization established in 1971 as the "first network of pro-life pregnancy resource centers in the U.S.," said that chemical abortions or the abortion pill has constantly grown in use in the last two decades. From 6% use in 2001, the abortion pill has grown to a 43% use in 2020.

The Abortion Pill Rescue Network, which connects women to medical professionals at the onset of using such pills to administer "reversal" protocols, has currently "more than 3,000 lives saved (and counting) through the abortion pill reversal protocol" based on statistics. This accomplishment is said to have come from answering "more than 150 mission-critical calls a month from women who regret their abortion decision."

Some of the women whose unborn babies were saved from abortion are featured in the pro-life organization's website. One of these women is Rebekah Hagan who decided to abort her first born being unprepared at the age of 17. Hagan "decided the best option for her was chemical abortion" but eventually "regretted that choice."

Hagan then discovered the Abortion Pill Rescue Network hotline and called it. That call saved the life of her first born whom she called Zechariah. She now has two little boys and testifies on abortion pill reversal to other women so that they "can have the opportunity she did to save their children."

"Zechariah is God's true gift to me and he gives me more love than I deserve," Hagan told Heartbeat International.

According to the Abortion Pill Reversal Network's website, the procedures is given to those who have taken the first pill for abortion. There is a time element involved for its effectiveness for regretful mothers to continue with their pregnancy after taking the abortion pill.

"There is an effective process called abortion pill reversal* that can reverse the effects of the abortion pill and allow you to continue your pregnancy, but time is of the essence," the website said.

"Using the natural hormone progesterone, medical professionals have been able to save 64-68% of pregnancies through abortion pill reversal," it revealed.

Last December, the United States Food and Drug Administration released its new policy in the use of abortion pills that reinstated its ruling of removing in-person consultations prior to its use. The FDA allowed the use of abortion pills "to end a pregnancy 70 days gestation" or 12 weeks. Though the policy limits the prescription of such drugs "under the supervision of a healthcare provider" and prohibits its online purchase, the decision allows pills to be used without prior examination--a matter deemed dangerous due to the deadly effects of the use of abortion pills.

Doctors reportedly have a role in hiding the damage abortion pill brings to patients who are expected to "show up in the emergency room" because of it. This is why Texas and several other states have already instituted local laws months before in anticipation of FDA's new policy. The said laws prohibit or tighten the use of abortion pills to ensure the safety of women who have been reported to experience hemorrhages because of the pill.