Arizona Representative Andy Biggs urged Republicans to prepare for the impeachment of President Joe Biden for his "high crimes" related to the southern border in anticipation of the upcoming midterm elections in November.

Breitbart reported that Biggs declared the need for the impeachment on Sunday during his guesting at "Breitbart News Sunday." Biggs said that United States Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Department of State Secretary Antony Blinken should also be impeached with Biden for their mismanagement of the southern border, which has facilitated an increase in illegal immigration in the country.

Biggs' statements come in anticipation of the Republicans winning majorities in both Houses of Congress in the midterm elections.

"Mayorkas has violated the law. That's why I've introduced a resolution to impeach Mayorkas. He needs to be impeached, so does Joe Biden for what he's done on the border. I can give you all kinds of other areas that I think he should be impeached for, but what he's done on the border, and the ramification of what he's done on the border, makes him impeachable," Biggs pointed out.

The AZ Representative's statement come a month after Texas Senator Ted Cruz predicted that Biden would most likely be impeached once the Republicans take control of both chambers of Congress in the midterm elections.

Calls for Biden's impeachment arose days before his inauguration through Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. This was followed by Texas Representative Chip Roy's announcement in August that Biden "now deserves impeachment" due to the "continually worsening border crisis."

The Kabul bombing, days after Roy's statements, added to the pressure for Biden's impeachment as raised by United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, such that the following month three articles of impeachment were filed by Republicans led by Ohio Representative Bob Gibbs based on what they believed were "clear violations of his duties as president."

Biggs, who is Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, raised the importance of preparing for the impeachment by accumulating evidence on Biden, Mayorkas, and Blinken ahead of time and in consideration of the dynamics of the Democratic Party. He reiterated the need for preparations by working together to make their majority presence in Congress become more effective and productive for 2023.

Accordingly, Republicans are not as supportive as Biggs is expecting them to be on the border crisis issue even though he is already doing "everything" he can for it.

"So I've asked (and) encouraged leadership to put together a set of working groups to create investigative committees. We need to be preserving evidence now--preparing now--so that when we come to power in January, when we have the majority, we can begin with the investigations--and where necessary--the impeachments. They need to be held accountable for what they've done," he stressed.

"I've introduced resolutions to impeach Biden and Antony Blinken...because they've all committed high crimes and misdemeanors. We face the wall, not of Mr. McCarthy (who) has said that he thinks that we need to be looking into the same things I just was talking to you about. But I want to be preparing now. We've got to be preparing now and pushing this now, but with the Democrats on the other side, we can't get a single Democrat to walk over and help us on any of these issues...They circle the wagons, no matter how indefensible their conduct is," he added.

Biggs also disclosed that the Biden Administration is using taxpayer money to secretly transport illegal immigrants into American soil through "Ice Air," which a fleet of six or seven federally-owned airplanes that at times even return the illegal aliens "to their home country."

He emphasized that taxpayer money is also used to transport the illegal immigrants on land and "subsidizing everybody that's going." This even includes the use of commercial flights some times to transport the illegal immigrants.

Biggs highlighted in Twitter on Tuesday that he demanded last May from the Department of Homeland Security "answers" on the transportation of illegal aliens into the country but only received a response on the matter eight months later.