A couple is reportedly providing single mothers their needed sustenance and support during pregnancy through their ranch located in Argyle, Texas.

Blue Haven Ranch Founder and Executive Director Aubrey Schlackman shared with CBN News that the idea of having a maternity ranch for single mothers came two years ago from God.

Schlackman shared that she and her husband have a soft spot for single mothers and have prayed about it for several years. They then decided to come out with the maternity ranch that has the mission of providing support, counseling, and Gospel-centered discipleship through a community for single mothers and their children.

"We've been involved in different ministries but then we've also had a big heart for single pregnant mothers for a long time," she shared.

"That's what we're called to do as followers of Christ - is to love God, love others and make disciples."

Schlackman divulged that she envisions the ranch to provide individual housing to mothers in the future. But since that takes time to build, she and her husband started with the ministry in their own home. They also utilized their backyard to teach simple farming techniques to mothers as a way to help them heal from trauma or old wounds.

"We knew we could take moms that are already in current housing, and they were in a safe situation and then bring them into our Bible study and a support group structure in our home. We would all cook meals together. Send them home with the meals," she explained.

"We have a greenhouse in our backyard. We started and learned how to grow to produce organically hydroponically with water channels and stuff. We got chickens and we raise eggs."

Schlackman said that the ministry has now grown into supporting five mothers who are housed in rented homes and apartments. She said the ministry pays for the rents and any utilities associated with it.

Schlackman raised the importance of their ministry in the face of Roe v. Wade's possibly being overturned and the Texas Heartbeat Act being in place. She said it is timely that the ministry exists since the demand for such support to women in crisis is so much greater.

"We feel like the timing is so important of what we're doing right now. Because all of these moms, being able to offer them this safety net in that space to kind of come into a community that loves them, that supports them and sees them for who they are and then embraces them and empowers them to be better moms once they leave the program, and better equipped," Schlackman said.

The Blue Have Ranch founder's statements echo that of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas Chief Executive Officer Deborah McGregor's, who revealed last month that more women nowadays "decide to carry to term" their pregnancies after the Texas Heartbeat Act took effect. The said women then consider adoption as an option to abortion, besides rearing their children on their own.

In line with this, Schlackman declared in a recent Facebook post that they have recently become a part of the pro-life movement due to their podcasts that previously guested former Vice President Mike Pence and The Heritage Foundation. The couple has been invited to join "Life, Liberty, & Law," an Americans United For Life Podcast.

"It's still such a surreal feeling to know that we are part of this movement changing lives, but the truth is, it always starts with YOU. What can you do with the current resources you have right now to make a difference? Take that step of faith, and God will be there to guide and support as you love these moms and their babies towards a better life!" Schlackman remarked.