United States Senator for Oklahoma James Lankford urged the Food and Drug Administration to reverse its December 2021 decision legalizing abortion pills by mail.

Lankford released a copy of the letter he sent to the FDA on Twitter that condemned telemedicine abortions. The letter intended to safeguard the health of women besides that of the unborn.

"Chemical abortions don't just kill the unborn child, they cause serious health risks for the mother-that's why I am calling on the FDA to reverse their decision to make chemical abortions available by mail," Lankford said.

In a press release dated February 18, Lankford explained that there are already numerous studies that affirm the danger of using abortion pills, particularly mifepristone. Lankford raised to FDA Commissioner Robert Califf that the new policy, which removes in-person consultations prior to the prescription of abortion pills, is contrary to research data that show an increased serious risk of mifepristone use.

Lankford, in particular, cited a November 2021 longitudinal study that showed the rate of abortion-related emergency room visits increased by more than 500 percent from 2002 through 2015 due to mail-order abortion pills. The said study involved women under Medicaid claims from 17 states, which is similar to studies conducted in Finland and Sweden. He raised the danger of having no medical supervision in the use of the abortion pills.

"Indefinitely eliminating the REMS in-person requirement eliminates the minimal guardrails established to protect women's health. This action promotes mail-order abortion-on-demand and disregards the growing threat to women's health posed by chemical abortion drugs," Lankford said.

Lankford, a staunch defender of life, pointed out that instead of loosening their requirements for telemedicine abortions, the FDA should strengthen its REMS. The office should return the requirement of having in-person consultation prior to the prescription of the abortion pills. This, he said, protects women's health. He said the FDA was reckless for abandoning vulnerable women to the actions of the abortion industry.

As per the senator, the FDA decision ignores the data presented in these studies, which confirm the serious and increasing risk of using mifepristone. Quick access to such drugs creates adverse effects to women, he said. Lankford acknowledged the reality that the FDA new policy, which he perceived as having relaxed requirements, will increase the demand for mail-order abortion.

Lankford was one among several senators that blocked taxpayer funding for abortions last August. He introduced a revision for the Hyde Amendment's incorporation into the Congressional budget. The amendment ensured compliance to the Hyde and Weldon Amendments.

Accordingly, Lankford's letter was released in line with him joining Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith and 125 legislators demanding FDA to retract their policy.

A staunch defender of life, Lankford's statements echo the same sentiments of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem who released an Executive Order in September to ban telemedicine abortions in her state. The order was pre-emptive of the FDA decision that reversed former President Donald Trump's policy on abortion pills. In support of Noem's order, the South Dakota House passed House Bill 1318 on Wednesday through a 62-8 vote.

Pro-life giant Susan B. Anthony List said Oklahoma and South Dakota are joined by Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Montana, Ohio, and Texas in enacting state-level legislation that protects women against the dangers of abortion drugs.