A former "The Voice" contestant found his way back to God after falling into drug addiction.

Jack Cassidy, grandson of actress and singer Shirley Jones, got addicted with cocaine following his frustration on getting eliminated from the singing competition in 2017.

In an interview with CBN News, Cassidy revealed that when he was younger, he gave his life to the LORD during a church camp. From then on, he experienced Jesus in miraculous ways through the power of His name. A talented singer, he became a worship leader.

At 17, he made it into the top 20 of "The Voice" Season 12. However, he failed to advance to the next round when his coach, Alicia Keys, chose his teammate Vanessa Ferguson over him during the "Knockout" round.

This failure led him to depression and to recover, he began attending "worldly" parties.

But instead of emotional healing, he was introduced to cocaine in one of the parties and easily got addicted with it, draining his bank account and causing him to even steal just to buy drugs. After more than a year of isolation from his family due to his addiction, he got overdosed over a stronger type of drug and was on the verge of heart attack.

In the midst of his situation, he remembered God whom he encountered while growing up. He cried out to Him and pleaded to let him live.

"I felt the Spirit come in in that moment and completely overpower the chaos and the drugs that I had put in my body... But God was literally breathing life into me. His power in my spirit in the midst of all that was-and is what was keeping me in a place of real peace, and-and keeping me literally alive," he said.

After the experience, he understood the danger of cocaine - that it is "not a friend" but only leads "to a place of death."

"And when Jesus showed up in such a radical way in the midst of that, it really made it really real and tangible that He was the way to life. Jesus showed that, 'No, I'm-I'm Lord over that, And I can be Lord over all these things in your life.' So, it really established this-this deep-rooted trust in God," he further stated.

In conclusion, Cassidy realized the willingness of God to show His love and kindness to everyone regardless of circumstances.

"He is willing to meet us in whatever place that we're in...And He came with a spirit of kindness, a spirit of love, and a spirit of 'I just want to help you'..." the singer declared.

In 2020, he testified about his story of overcoming drug addiction through the single "Run At The Giant." In an interview, he said that the song speaks about the immense power of God to overcome challenges, even those that have "crippled" people.

Cassidy went on to share that his faith has massively influenced his music, adding that his ministry in the church as a worship leader has led music into being "intertwined" with his relationship with the LORD.