Russian President Vladimir Putin cited a Bible verse to describe the Russian military union's Ukraine invasion during the celebration of the eighth anniversary of Russia’s annexation of Crimea at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow on March 18, 2022.

According to BBC, he said during his speech, "You know, I remember the words from the Bible. There is no other love rather than if someone gives soul for their friends." He is referring to John 15:13 which says, "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends," according to the Christian Post.

"If the need comes, they will shield each other on the battlefield from the bullets as brothers. We have not had such unity for a long time," he said.

According to CNN, he complimented what Russian troops were doing against Ukraine. "These words from the holy scripture of Christianity, it's something that is very dear to those who profess this religion," he said.

According to the report, Putin confirmed that Russia will "definitely implement their plans" in Ukraine."

According to The Moscow Times, the state-owned media outlet Russia 24, broadcasting Putin's address suddenly "switched to footage of the military band playing on the same stage." However, Kremlin negated the speculations and said it was a technical glitch. Putin's full speech was replayed afterward.

In his speech, he also justified the "special military operation" or the invasion of Ukraine as protecting people from genocide, CNN reported. "To spare people from this suffering, from this genocide -- this is the main reason, motive, and purpose of the military operation that we launched in the Donbas [an eastern Ukrainian region] and Ukraine," he said.

It's been eight years since Russia's annexation of Crimea yet the European Council had expressed its condemnation of the illegal appropriation. "The European Union reiterates that it does not recognize and continues to condemn the illegal annexation of Crimea as a violation of international law. It remains a direct challenge to international security, with grave implications for the international legal order that protects the territorial integrity, unity, and sovereignty of all States," the EU said in a press release.

They also slammed the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the involvement of Belarus in the hostility. "The European Union condemns in the strongest possible terms the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by armed forces of the Russian Federation. We also condemn the involvement of Belarus in this aggression against Ukraine and call on it to abide by its international obligations," the EU said.

In their statement, the EU "demanded President Putin cease Russian military operations immediately" and "unconditionally withdraw all forces and military equipment from the entire territory of Ukraine." According to the council, Russia was solely responsible for the "act of aggression" and "all destruction and loss of life it will cause."

"We urge Russia, as a party to the conflict, to reverse the recognition, uphold its commitments, abide by international law and return to the discussions within the Normandy format and the Trilateral Contact Group," the EU said.