A famed pastor who was repeatedly imprisoned for opposing the Canadian government is now preaching behind bars.

Artur Pawlowski, a Christian pastor who had several brushes with the law in Canada over COVID restrictions, was imprisoned once again in February for participating in the trucker convoy protests. For almost six weeks now, the Canadian pastor has been behind bars, where he continues to preach about Jesus Christ.

According to Charisma Mag, Pawlowski's son Nathaniel said that his father's stay in solitary is "unprecedented." The young man shared that this "has never before happened to a pastor in what is supposed to be a free and democratic society." Despite being imprisoned, however, Pawlowski is reportedly in good spirits and continues to do the work of the Lord in prison.

Pawlowski's song said that the Canadian pastor was arrested and placed in prison in early February for preaching to the participants of the trucker convoy protest at the Alberta-Montana border of the United States. The truckers formed a blockage much like the one at the Freedom Convoy in Quebec in February. Pawlowski was then charged with mischief and fined $5,000. He was also charged with "aiding and abetting the blockade of the critical infrastructure" and breaching one of his bail conditions from a previous arrest.

"[Pawlowski] went down there to do a sermon and to do the Lord's supper with the truckers. It was a peaceful protest," the pastor's son shared. "He told the truckers to keep fighting for their rights and freedoms and to not give in to the tyrannical government."

Nathaniel recounted how his father was arrested on February 8 and has been in solitary confinement ever since. He added that his father was denied bail twice, while the next bail hearing has not yet been scheduled.

"It looks like we're at the mercy of the politicians and corrupt judicial system," Nathaniel lamented. "It's total lawlessness that we're seeing in our beautiful country of Canada. Our premier [Justin Trudeau] has jailed more pastors than communist China has in the last two years."

Nathaniel shared that there had been four pastors who had been put in jail in his province alone for keeping their church open despite COVID restrictions that said otherwise. He lamented, "My dad has been jailed for speaking, for exercising his free speech. It is disgusting what is happening in our country."

Nathaniel added that he and members of Pawloski's congregation have been holding daily protests outside the Alberta prison where his father is being held. He said they were no longer allowed to park near the prison and had to walk a kilometer to the building as if in a pilgrimage.

Nathaniel said that Pawlowski is also making a difference inside prison, as despite being in solitary confinement, he is allowed an hour outside his cell for a "shower and phone calls." The Canadian pastor then takes the opportunity to talk to other inmates about Jesus Christ.

The Canadian pastor's son said that Pawlowski has even gathered "a group of about 15" who all "came and asked...for prayer and for healing. They asked Jesus into their heart.."

Meanwhile, in the U.S, thousands signed a letter addressed to Congress in February protesting Pawlowski's imprisonment. Fox News reported that about 10,000 people have signed the congressional letter, which was organized by Firebrand Action and Media.