Professional football and baseball player Tim Tebow encouraged Christians to live out according to the purpose of God in their lives.

In his new book "Mission Possible," Tebow wrote about how people should live a Christ-led and purposeful life. He encouraged Christians saying living out a "specific and bold mission" from God is not impossible.

"I am very burdened. It may be hard to explain; it's a little bit of weight, I think, a weight. So many people don't know just how much they're loved, don't know how valuable they are. They don't know that the God of this universe has given them a mission, which gives them purpose. I want people to know that their lives matter," Tebow told Christian Headlines.

"We're not just here by chance, but the time that we have is not just time where we can kind of just meander through life. There are good works for us to do in Christ Jesus," he added.

In his interview, he cited Ephesians 2:10 as a reminder to everyone on being in a "mission," people get to be "co-laborers with God" on loving and helping to bring the Good News of the Gospel. "We get to bring agape love to people in a real and passionate, vibrant, and authentic way with more than just words. Yes, that's important. We need to be willing to say it with our actions because we need to be willing to go," he said.

Per the report, "Tebow would prefer people remember him for sharing the Gospel of Christ with a world in need of eternal change." According to him, he spent time being a missionary kid in the Philippines so he knew the task of sharing the Word of God in a missional way. He cited his parents as his examples of how to live a mission-driven life including the possibilities it entails.

Then he focused on narrating how sick people are in terms of achieving materials things such as money, fame, and power. According to him, people who sought after these things might have not an actual self-value. He said people can achieve great things in this world yet what matters the most were the things that would last until eternity.

"You don't get to take it with you. What matters is what lasts for eternity. And we get the chance to impact eternity. We get the chance with our limited time to live for eternal things," he asserted.

According to CBN News, Tebow led Tim Tebow Foundation which centers on giving "faith, hope, and love to those needing a brighter day." He went on a mission trip to Johannesburg, South Africa through the foundation in which he gained insight from the lives of trafficked women and children in need of medical attention. He felt the burden to help those "hurting, lacking, and felt forgotten."

"That is something that God has put on my heart that we have to do it, and we have to do it urgently, not just Hey, one day, but I believe urgently, because we serve a God who is able," he shared.