President Biden's Supreme Court nominee declined to define the world "woman" during a senate hearing.

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson incited backlash when she said she could not define the word "woman" during questioning by Senator Marsha Blackburn. During the Senate Judiciary confirmation hearings Tuesday night, the Repulican senator discussed transgender issues and asked Jackson, "Can you provide a definition for the word 'woman?'"

"Can I provide a definition? No, I can't," Jackson replied, as per the Christian Headlines. "Not in this context, I'm not a biologist."

Sen. Blackburn remarked that Jackson's answer was troubling and that it raises concerns over how female athletes' "voices don't matter." During an exchange with another senator, Jackson also said she could not provide an answer for when life begins. She reasoned that she sets aside her personal and religious beliefs when making court decisions.

"In my work as a judge, what I do is I address disputes. If there's a dispute about a definition, [then] people make arguments, and I look at the law and I decide," Jackson explained. But Sen. Blackurn fired back.

"The fact that you can't give me a straight answer about something as fundamental as what a woman is underscores the dangers of the kind of progressive education that we are hearing about," the Republican senator argued. Sen. Blackburn underscored how young girls in America today are witnessing how the NCAA and other "taxpayer-funded institutions permitted a biological man to compete and beat a biological woman in the NCAA Swimming Championships."

When Republican Sen. John Kennedy asked Jackson on her thoughts about "when life begins," she answered, "I don't know."

Jackson clarified, "I have personal, religious and otherwise beliefs that have nothing to do with the law in terms of when life begins," but added that she does have a "religious belief" that she "[sets] aside" when "ruling on cases."

The comments of the Biden Supreme Court nominee had earned intense backlash online, mostly from conservatives and Republicans. According to Fox News, Spectator USA contributor Stephen L. Miller took to Twitter to express how the "correct answer" to Sen. Blackburn's question was for Jackson to say that she was a woman. He remarked how it was "legit bizarre" and that it was a "simple question" that could have been given a simple answer. Instead, she gave a rather political answer "for someone who claims they aren't here to be political."

English TV personality Piers Morgan called it "ridiculous" that Jackson could not define what a "woman" is. He said, "I'm not a brain surgeon but I know what a brain is. This is where 'progressive' thinking leads - to a terror of stating basic unarguable facts lest it offend the woke brigade."

Investigative journalist Sara Carter attributed Jackson's remarks on the "woke" movement, calling the Biden Supreme Court nominee an "educated woman" who could not define the word "woman." Conservative LGBTQ author Chad Felix Greene said it was a way for progressives such as Jackson to "express their moral superiority" as they hid their "intellectual weakness."

The Federalist Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway described it as the "new leftist orthodoxy" in which the word "woman" could not be defined "scientifically or logically," and that if one does define it, the person "must be canceled and destroyed."

Others pointed out the huge irony in Jackson's statement when she said she was not a "biologist" to be able to define the word "woman." Dissent podcaster Leonydus Johnson called it an "asinine deflection" that "accidentally acknowledged that being a woman is defined by biology." Likewise, Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon pointed out how Jackson tied womanhood to biology, which is what conservatives have argued all along.