A city in Pennsylvania has decided to drop the word "Easter" from holiday promotions of its egg hunts, earning backlash from citizens.

The city of Easton, Pennsylvania is facing harsh criticism after it removed the word "Easter" from its promotion of holiday egg hunts because the local government was concerned about the separation of church and state. People's reactions were mostly negative.

According to Faithwire, the stir began when a person reportedly complained about the government's inclusion of the word "Easter" in various advertisements for the holiday activities, raising the question on whether it was a constitutional issue. This led the government to remove the word "Easter" in promotional materials shared on social media.

During the Easton City Council meeting held on Wednesday night, City Administrator Luis Campos said he had revised the promos posted on the city's social media accounts to remove any mention of Easter for Saturday's egg hunt events, WFMZ reported. The events are sponsored by the Easton Bureau of Recreation and Neighborhood Programs.

City Solicitor Joel Scheer remarked that there should not be a problem "as long as we don't contribute money to the advancement of one particular religion or endorse one over the other." He added that he could prepare guidelines for holiday events if the board saw fit.

Reaction to the removal of the word "Easter" from egg hunt promos were met with intense criticism from the general public on Facebook. Some called the move "dumb" and "ridiculous," while others were left confused.

"Very sad. Once again everyone suffers for the few. Get a spine and say no! Stop removing God from everything," commenter Chuck Wert wrote. "If they don't respect it for what it has always been they should just not participate."

Commenter Melanie Heilman explained, "If you remove the 'Easter' from it, move the day altogether to remove all association. Easter is the only reason for this occasion. Good job, Easton. Now you just sound like a weirdo searching for random eggs."

Commenter Trish Balestrini meanwhile, argued, "How sad! What's next...remove CHRIST from Christmas? People need to VOTE BETTER, put stronger, smarter folks in office that will stand up for religious freedom and stop catering to the woke left...made up of the most intolerant people in our society preaching tolerance."

Elsewhere in Pennsylvania, Democratic Lieutenant John Fetterman has widened the lead over his nearest rival in the state's Senate Democratic primary just about a month before the voters head to the polls to select nominees in one of the tightest races this year, The Hill reported. According to a new survey by Franklin & Marshall College, Letterman claims 41% of the vote ahead of the May 17 primary, ahead of Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb with 17% of the vote. Coming in last is Democratic state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta with 4%.

According to the report, Fetterman has become "a star of the progressive left" and has collected more than $15 million since the beginning of his campaign last year. In fact, his campaign had $4.1 million left in the bank for the final stretch to the primaries next month. Less than half of Republicans admitted they remain undecided in the race.