A new update from one of Big Tech's most influential companies has catered to the woke leftist agenda with "pregnant man" emojis and gender neutral persons.

Apple quietly rolled out a new iPhone update in mid-March, which included a "pregnant man" and a number of gender neutral emojis to cater to the leftist LGBT agenda. A new report revealed that Apple added more than 35 new emojis with gender neutral characters.

According to Fox News, Apple first released the pregnant man and "pregnant person" emoji in January as part of an optional update. But the new update came to all Apple users with the arrival of the iOS 15.4 update. But not everyone was happy with the latest slew of woke gender neutral emojis, as some conservatives mocked and criticized the update.

"Yes, thank God finally, it's here. A beer gut emoji has arrived to Apple iPhones with its latest voluntary update," Fox News host Host Greg Gutfield mocked the Apple iPhone update, praising the pregnant man emoji as one depicting a man with a "beer gut. "This new emoji comes in five different skin tones, so someone with a massive beer gut can be any shade that he, she or they want."

News18 reported in March that the update also includes a new "gender neutral" voice assistant called "Quinn," which was recorded by a member of the LGBT community. Many users took to Twitter to voice their dismay over the addition of "gender neutral" characters or emojis, calling it "unnecessary."

Earlier this month, Politico reported that Apple is rallying for allies among other Big Tech companies and lobbying to oppose bills that target the LGBT community, such as Florida, Texas, and Iowa. Calling it an "unusual push by one of the world's most valuable companies into a consequential political debate," the report said that Apple CEO Tim Cook, who was described as "one of the world's most valuable companies into a consequential political debate" and "the nation's most visible gay executive."

According to the report, Apple's communications, government affairs and legal offices have expressed opposition to some of the bills that target LGBT rights. It is also leading corporate pushback against the bills. The Big Tech giant's executives have encoruaged other large companies to publicly oppose measures that target LGBT rights or arguing that it promotes discrimination and threatens to harm LGBT youth.

Fred Sainz, who serves as Apple's senior director of corporate communications, urged leaders of fellow Fortune 500 companies to reject the order of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to call for investigations into parents who provide transgender children with "gender-affirming care," labeling it as "child abuse" despite opposition from doctors.

"I'm reaching out from Apple because we're hoping you'll join us and lend your company's name to a critical issue," Sainz wro9te in an email to his corporate affairs counterparts on March 5. "Apple has joined the effort and will lend its name and logo. I'm reaching out because we are hoping you will too."

The result of the email was that 60 other organizations signed onto the letter, which was then published in The Dallas Morning News on March 11. Despite having shied away from the political spotlight, Apple's advocacy for the LGBT is notable as the company is actually one of the most active corporate advocates for LGBT rights. The reason behind it is because the tech industry is known for having a large number of trans employees, so Apple is merely responding to the needs of its workforce.