A male stripper turned life coach and author is sharing the story of how Jesus led him from his lucrative career to a life of joy he always yearned for.

Donovan Dee Donnell is a successful life coach, author and speaker. But his past was riddled with uncertainty as he used to work as a male exotic dancer and stripper, which granted him money, fame, and fancy cars, but left him empty inside. In his search for joy as he pondered the purpose of life, he found Jesus. Now, the former stripper turned Christian life coach shares how Jesus helped him turn things around.

"God transformed my life and told me, 'I didn't give you those gifts for that,'" Donnell said in his newly launched faith-centric podcast with co-host, Kevin Olusola of Pentatonix, as per the Christian Headlines. The podcast is aptly titled "Imagine Faith Talk."

Donnell shared how the turning point in his life occurred after he performed at a birthday party and got paid a huge sum of money. At the time, the former stripper turned Christian life coach had "the fame, the cars, the money and all this attention and stuff," but did not have the "fulfillment, joy, [and] satisfaction" he should have felt.

"I was just in the club, taking my clothes off for money, very robotic, very mundane. And I was just like, 'There has to be more to this - to life. This can't be it,'" Donnell said. He added that "no matter how much money I made, no matter how much I was praised, no matter how many opportunities I had to travel," he could not feel joy and peace.

It was during "quiet day in a hotel" by himself when he prayed to God and asked what he must do to achieve that joyful, peaceful life he dreamed about. That was when the former stripper turned Christian life coach said he heard God speak and tell him to "quit." He immediately obeyed.

"God said, 'You'll never know what's within until you have to live without.' And when He took everything from me, I was able to see what He had prepared for me," Donnell explained. "Jesus said, 'I came that they may have life and have it more abundantly.' I want to walk in that abundant life."

Donnell highlighted that the "life-changing moment" for him was when he stopped praying for the things he wanted and instead "prayed for what God prepared" for him. The former stripper turned Christian life coach acknowledged that God is "strategic" in putting people on earth to do things He wants to be done now. He also cited Jesus' words in the Lord's Prayer that said, "Your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven."

Donnell explained that God's will is done on Earth "through His vessels," which are the people and the believers in Christ. The former stripper turned Christian life coach urged followers by saying that they were "chosen" by God to carry out his will and get things done.

Donnell's podcast with Olusola, "Imagine Faith Talk," was in the making for over a year, the Christian Beat reported. Olusola shared that in the podcast, they would explore the Bible and dissect its teachings about success and "how faith in God can unlock everything we're called to be."