Ramadan is sacred for Muslims since this is the time when they seek their god. However, instead of finding the one whom they recognize as their god, many of them find the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tom Doyle, founder of Uncharted Ministries, spoke to Wendy Griffith of CBN News, sharing how Jesus reveals Himself to these people.

"The last week is the most special week because it's the night Muslims call the 'Night of Destiny' - the night of power where they just cry out to God," he explained.

"That is the number one night of the year that Jesus appears to Muslims in dreams. They're searching for God, and Jesus accommodates that request - but they're shocked and they're surprised when a man in a white robe comes to them and tells them that He loves them and He died for them on the cross," Doyle further said.

Sharing the gospel is heavily restricted in Islamic nations but the ministry founder said that Jesus comes on Muslims in a divine way - dreams.

"20 years ago, we just started to understand this phenomenon about Muslims having dreams about Jesus. They weren't even seeking Jesus. They were seeking their own god and all of a sudden, Jesus is appearing... he told Griffith.

Thus the significance of saturating them with prayers during the last week of Ramadan.

Doyle then invited the viewers to join them in praying for these people by visiting their ministry platforms such as "I Found The Truth," where they could hear amazing stories of Muslim converts to Christianity.

In one of the films on the website, Yasra from a religious city in Iran shared that when she was a little girl, she did not like to know about the god of the Muslims due to what her Koran teacher told them in the class - they're not supposed to have long and colored nails because God hates these. This teaching scared Yasra and wanting to enjoy her life, she decided to reject the god that her teacher was sharing.

Later on, because of the country's heavy restrictions, her parents made her escape to Cyprus, joining her sister's family.

As a refugee, Yasra said that their situation was very hard because they do not have any identity. Despite this, she observed that her sister and her husband, who are Christians, have "so much peace and hope" in their lives, which surprised her.

They then invited her to their church where she came to know about Jesus and saw that people are dressing nicely with long and colored nails, which fascinated her.

She began reading the Bible and learned about the deep love of the One True God.

"He's not a mad, angry God who created me. But He's mad at me - He's not that. He created me with so much love and so much passion. He's excited about my life," she said.

One day in church, Yasra proceeded to surrender her life to God.

CBN News states that there are about 2 billion Muslims in the world today, needing prayers to know about the only way to eternal life - Jesus Christ.