Anniston Bible Church Pastor Bob St. John decried the support a group of Southside Birmingham clergy expressed towards transgender children.

In his column published via, he said he wanted to bring light to individuals who were trapped in the lies and confusion of transgender ism. He spoke that the Christian concepts of life, gender, sexuality, marriage, and children must begin with the triune God, emphasizing that reverence for God is the beginning of wisdom. "God is truth, His Son is truth, His Spirit is the Spirit of truth, and His Word is truth," he remarked as a point of reference for correct understanding.

He highlighted God's creation of male and female humans, the establishment of marriage as the ideal context for sexual connection between a man and a woman, and raising children who love Him. He claimed that God is the sovereign King of the universe and that He created mankind in His image to worship Him alone and reflect His glory.

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Man Curved In Sin

All humanity is enslaved by a perverse revolt, he said, making us God's foes. According to him, sin is lawlessness or disobedience to God's Word. To emphasize the consequences of original sin, he quoted Martin Luther's words, "Homo incurvatus in se," or "man curved in upon himself."

People's desire to sin, he claims, is a form of slavery to the idol of self. Because we are bent on ourselves, the urge to transgress the limitations of God's commands appears physically and emotionally natural to humans, he said. He warned that the immoral inclinations' lies blind the people to the truth, enslave them, and turn them into fools.

Self-worship is the cult in the culture. What normalizes and justifies the irrational wants and disobedience against God was the combination of human sinfulness.

This synergistic societal hate of God and His Word was shown in a letter from clergy promoting gender reassignment for children, he claimed. Yet he pointed out that even if people disagree with God, His authority and judgments are unavoidable.

People suffer from the agony of being twisted in on themselves. The perplexity of evil desires consumes them. For him, people explain their proclivities with all the reasons of worldly wisdom, which appears so natural. However, the truth is that people are captives of their transgender wants, sexual sins, rage, and pride.

God's Grace Towards People

"He is our only hope," he wrote.

Supporting cultural lies that promote chemical or surgical mutilation of children is cruel and causes irreparable harm, he said. He emphasized that a child confused about his or her gender requires love, tolerance, and the reality of their Creator's wisdom. Just like the triune God lavishing grace and mercy on sinners.

He explained that Jesus Christ, the God-man, led a blameless life and died as the Lamb of God on the cross to atone for the world's sins. Through the Son, God provides people's repentance, righteousness, and eternal life. In forgiveness, he said that the process of conversion into the image of the Creator begins.

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