Connecticut Representative Trenee McGee, a Democrat who's been very vocal on her pro-life stand, criticized her own political party for becoming extreme in its stand on abortion.

In the May 13 episode of "The Church Politics Podcast," Representative McGee raised that the Democratic Party has pushed out its pro-life members, which are many nationwide. The episode, which dismantled the false narratives on abortion and underscored why it is most compassionate to have a pro-life stance, was entitled "Is Pro-Choice The Authentic Position Of The Black Community?"

A Pro-Life Democrat Against Extreme Abortion

The podcast provides a Christian worldview on in-depth political analysis hosted by Georgia-based political strategist Justin Giboney and Illinois-based Pastor Chris Butler, who is currently running for the Democratic Party as a pro-life Congressman for the 1st District.

McGee, an African American who represents Connecticut's West and New Haven, focused on the party and detailed how its stand on abortion has totally changed in a span of two decades. The representative pointed out that the Democratic Party has shifted in having a platform on safe to extreme abortion. She said the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Democrat platform upholds abortion as "rare."

McGee said this shifted to "reduce the need for abortions" in 2008, 2012, and 2016. Then there was no language on making abortions rare or reducing them for the 2020 platform of the party. She stressed that so many people have become radical when it comes to the pro-choice movement.

"Right now, the pro-choice movement has taken a switch--from tweets that were once like 'being a mom, you're superhero' to now 'being a mom is a burden,'" McGee said.

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McGee went on to praise Oklahoma's pro-life pregnancy crisis centers that have been proving the compassionate basis of the pro-life movement since they are staffed with volunteers who dedicate their lives to truly caring for mothers. She highlighted that pregnancy centers holistically meet the clothing, food insecurity, food challenges, housing challenges, and other needs of mothers.

"We realize that if we empower moms, then they will be more inclined to make decisions to keep their babies," McGee underscored.

A Pro-Life Democrat Urges Reframing Of Pro-Life Movement

McGee, who previously slammed abortion as racist machinery set to eliminate Blacks in the country, also referenced the United States Supreme Court draft opinion leak that was set to overturn Roe v. Wade. She said that this gives the pro-life community the "strong position right now" to truly reframe and reshape the pro-life movement by debunking the "idea that it's always been super white and male." She pointed out that NAACP previously comprised of many members who "were dead set against abortion because they saw it as genocide."

During the podcast, hosts Giboney and Butler also tackled with McGee The Atlantic's May 8 publication on the effect of the culture wars on children, especially on the issue of abortion. The said article raised that American children suffer more than those in poor countries, making the country an "international embarrassment."

Last week, United States Democrat Senators once more pushed the "Women's Health Protection Act" or HB 3755, which was regarded as an extreme abortion bill as it allows the procedure even after birth. The Democrat Senators hoped by doing so that Roe v. Wade would be codified in the face of the Supreme Court draft leak. However, the party failed due to a 49-51 vote where all Republican Senators and Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia shelved the bill for good.

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