Pastor and best-selling author Francis Chan slammed the pro-choice slogan "my body, my choice," saying that "God says nothing is yours" at the Christian festival "The Send" last Friday.

Chan preached on Job from the Old Testament, describing Job as a guy who was "blameless and upright" because of his fear of God and his abhorrence of wickedness.

God admired Job for his obedience, and Chan believes God admires Christians today who are pro-life and are not hesitant to share their beliefs with others. He imagined God speaking joyously to this generation of people who refused to abandon God's Word and remained to believe in a judgment day. Despite the odds, these people, he continued, are willing to speak for the silent voices of the unborn.

He spoke to people debunking their false notions about their pro-choice arguments. He reminded the audience that "nothing is yours." He said that the world was owned by the Lord and everything in it. He made it all and doesn't owe anyone an explanation.

Humblest People Were Closest To God

Chan also cited Isaiah 66:2, when God says "This is the one to whom I will look, he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at My Word." He asked people if they tremble God. The pastor said the importance of trembling before God and His Words. If there's a verse that people need to fear upon was James 4:6, in which he said, "God opposes the proud."

He also warned people who claim they're Christians but don't have a close relationship with God which the Bible spoke about. He said these people can cry, sing and talk about quiet time yet they are proud. If they're proud, he said, it means they're not close with God.

He reminded the people that those who were closest to God are the humblest. It's not just trying to be humble but trying to be closer to God. When people seek the presence of God, there would not be any pride there, he said.

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God's Purpose Can't Be Prevented

According to Chan, Satan addresses God in Job by arguing that Job is only obeying because he is "fortunate" with many things, thus God permits Satan to steal Job's wealth and family. Job's friends, who appear at the close of the second chapter, begin to doubt Job's honesty and loyalty to God, which Job passionately disputes in his reply.

God speaking in Chapter 38, the pastor said was maybe the most offensive part. God sits patiently for 35 chapters, just waiting, before saying, "OK... Are you done?" Chan explained. God did not explain to Job, he just let him show who He is. God goes "I ask the questions and you give the answers. Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?" He asked people, "Where were you guys?" He narrated that in Job 42, Job declared God's power to do all things and admitted that no purpose of God can be prevented.

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