The conservative political commentator and radio host addressed the tragic Texas school mass shooting that took up to 21 lives, but claims "it's not the guns."

Mercury Radio Arts CEO Glenn Beck has spoken out about the deadly shooting of 19 school aged kids and two faculty at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, underscoring the need to stop the politics from both sides and focus on healing a country that is tearing itself apart. The 58 year old conservative radio host however did not cite the lack of gun control policies as the reason for the rampant mass shootings across America, but instead the condition of the country today.

According to The Blaze, Beck commented on Wednesday about the "political garbage" that had occurred in the last 12 hours after the deadly Texas school mass shooting, saying that America is now "on the verge of losing our nation" and that the reason why is the same reason why the shooter, Salvador Ramos, walked into an elementary school and shot innocent people.

"It's not the's our society," Beck explained, citing the various tragedies plaguing America, such as kids shooting other kids, committing suicide, overdosing on fentanyl, joining gangs, and suffering from depression. The radio host said these are symptoms of a greater sickness.

Radio Host Explains the True Problem Plaguing America Today

Beck explained that the underlying problem of America is "a rotting in our soul" and that the problem will not be solved unless Americans recognize that "that there is something bigger than the self, and it has nothing to do with government." The political commentator also commented that there is "hatred...being poured down our throats, the class division, the racism," all of which he believes are "intentional."

"The best way to destroy a nation is to cut it apart," Beck argued. "It's your truth versus my truth. There is no absolute truth. And in a world where there is no truth, who gets to be God? Well, it depends on which group you're in."

Beck also called for leaders to stop taking political sides and work together to address the fact that "everything in our society is falling apart." He argued that unless leaders are willing to have that difficult conversation across party lines, "the rest of it is bullcrap."

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Texas Governor Blames Mental Health Issues for School Shooting Despite Cutting State Budgets For It

Like Beck, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday said that the Uvalde school shooter had a "mental health challenge" and that the Lone Star state must "do a better job with mental health," NBC News reported. However, the Republican leader had cut up to $211 million from the budget of the department that oversees mental health programs.

Abbott's comments came just a day after Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy called out lawmakers who oppose gun control policies and rather blame mental illness for mass shootings, including the most recent one in Texas. Abbott defended his stance, saying instead, "Anybody who shoots somebody else has a mental health challenge."

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