Worship pastor and songwriter Jon Reddick shared the story behind his breakout hit "God Turn It Around," praising how God changed his life.

In a YouTube video, Reddick shared that his chart-topping song was birthed after his two-hour conversation with his dad, also a church pastor, over the phone which according to him was an unknown thing to both of them. He said that it was the first time in all his life that he ever heard his dad's story. It was not what they intended to do but they both spent time sharing their stories.

The worship artist said it created a moment for them, talking about some things that happened in their lives. He said it was something that he hadn't done before with his father, finding out that he had many similarities with him. Reddick remembered getting off the phone with tears in his eyes in both sadness and joy.

From Prayer Into A Worship Song

He talked to God, "You really turned our relationship around." He sat down on his piano for three hours singing, meditating, and crying to God, praising him for strengthening his relationship with his father. Then Reddick called his friends Jess Cates and Anthony Skinner to share with them what God has put through in his heart.

His composition became a prayer for everybody who still needs God to turn things around in their lives. At first, his friends wondered if it was okay to mention "God turned this thing around" many times but Reddick said he felt compelled to, not knowing the song will be released during the pandemic when people were struggling. He then described a person who was agonizing at the feet of the Savior and praying over and over again to turn things around.

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Magnifying God's Sovereignty In Adversaries

Reddick said they wrote the song as a prayer and worship which spent 28 weeks on Billboard's Hot Christian Songs chart, hitting the current no. 4 spot. It has also been a nominee for this year's K-Love "Breakout Single of The Year."

In his interview with K-Love Radio DJ Lauree Austin, he shared stories of people who were encouraged by his song. Reddick said he was blown away and couldn't take it lightly, as the story of a couple who was on the verge of breaking their marriage because of a third party. His heart sank knowing the story then the woman surprisingly said to him "But God turned it around."

The woman who was with her husband at that time showed Reddick how they worship God together inside a Chick-fil-a restaurant. The worship artist was amazed by that experience and grateful to God for allowing him to be part of anybody's story in different kinds of ways. "It's a real honor," he said.

Austin also personally thanked him for the song was also became her personal prayer and worship. She said that she was personally moved to believe more in God's sovereignty and power.

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