The Global Methodist Church welcomed Bishop Scott Jones, who formerly served as the leader of Methodists in the state of Texas and pushed for "extreme center" and "staying at the table" positions.

Global Methodist Church Welcomes New Bishop

According to Christianity Today, Bishop Scott Jones is not the first United Methodist bishop to join the Global Methodist Church since the theologically conservative organization began in May. Still, his departure from the UMC has likely caused more upheaval than any other bishop's move to the new church. It is partially because of the unique position that his family has in Methodism as well as the status of "extreme center" that he had set out for himself inside the United Methodist Church.

For some, it also sheds a different light on his retirement as head of the Texas Annual Conference, just days before he joined the GMC. In Texas, more than any other conference in the United Methodist Church, approximately half of the conference's churches also left the denomination. This fact casts a different light on his retirement.

Moreover, UM News reported that Bishop Jones was one of the three bishops accused of aiding disaffiliation. The United Methodist Church's South Central Jurisdictional Conference was held on Nov. 3, and resentment at the stance taken by some episcopal leaders toward disaffiliation and the establishment of a new traditional denomination reached a boiling point.

The Rev. Stan Copeland submitted a request to have the jurisdiction's college of bishops investigate the behavior and standing of three bishops whom he claimed had provided "promotion and support" to the breakaway Global Methodist Church despite vows to support The United Methodist Church. Rev. Copeland specifically named Bishop Scott Jones of the Texas Conference, Bishop Robert Hayes Jr., who is now retired, and former Bishop Mike Lowry, who resigned from the Council of Bishops earlier this year and is now a member of the Global Methodist Church, where he holds the title of bishop emeritus. 

According to Rev. Copeland, their actions in support of church disaffiliation have caused harm to The United Methodist Church, and they need to be held accountable for their actions.

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The New Bishop

As per Global Methodist Church, Bishop Scott Jameson Jones, formerly the leader of the United Methodist Church's Great Plains and Houston Episcopal Regions, has withdrawn from the denomination and resigned from his position as an episcopal leader in the United Methodist Church. On Jan.9, 2023, Jones was ordained as an elder inside the Global Methodist Church and, after that, obtained membership there.

When Jones informed people about his intention to join the GM Church, the church's Transitional Leadership Council (TLC) announced that Jones would serve as a bishop in the newly formed organization. It is provided in the UM Church's Transitional Book of Doctrine and Discipline that UM Church bishops may be received as bishops in the GM Church to serve until the GM Church's General Conference is convened; Bishop Jones has been received in this role. 

At first, he will not be assigned to a particular residential area but will instead function as one of the general superintendents of the GM Church. As the third episcopal leader of the denomination, he follows in the footsteps of Bishop Mark Webb and Bishop Emeritus Mike Lowry.

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