A man in New Jersey was arrested and charged with public nuisance as he threw smoke bombs and attempted to pepper spray some churchgoers shouting, "White Lives Matter!"

Different views, opinions, and religious affiliations and beliefs cause much distress in the community. Mostly, unconservative and open-minded people start a conflict that sometimes goes overboard and violates laws, causing them to get arrested.

New Jersey Church's Anti-Racism Concert Disrupted by an Enraged Man

A man from Toms River, New Jersey, was arrested and charged with multiple offenses after allegedly throwing smoke bombs at a crowd attending an anti-racism concert organized by the "One People's Project" at Trinity Church on Asbury Avenue. According to a shared article in MSN, Nicholas G. Mucci, 28, reportedly wore a black face covering and blocked people from leaving the venue before throwing smoke bombs from an SUV.

He then drove away while the smoke engulfed the panicked crowd. Witnesses later saw the same SUV circling the area. An hour later, Mucci returned and attempted to pepper spray attendees who were still outside the church. He fled in the SUV while shouting, "white lives matter."

Mucci faces second-degree charges of risking widespread injury, damage, and possession of a weapon and third-degree offenses, including arson, aggravated assault, and terroristic threats. He remains at Monmouth County jail following his arrest on Saturday. Authorities did not disclose a motive for the attack.

According to another source, NJ.com, Investigators also found that Mucci's cell phone had gone dark during the attack. Smoke bombs used in the attack were traced to a fireworks store in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, where Mucci had bought identical ones just a few days before the attack.

The attack specifically targeted persons exercising their right to free speech as they exited a place of worship, according to police authorities, who are dedicated to defending everyone in New Jersey's ability to live without fear of violence. The arrest of Mucci was carried out by the FBI, the State Police, and the state Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness.

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Another Crime Occured Related to Religious Hates Moments after New Jersey Church Anti-Racism Concert Disruption

An attempted firebombing at Temple Ner Tamid, a synagogue in New Jersey, failed to cause damage or injury. According to NBC New York, surveillance footage showed a person in a ski mask lighting a Molotov cocktail and throwing it at the temple's front door. Still, the security upgrades implemented over the years, including shatter-resistant doors, prevented damage.

The synagogue is part of the Jewish Federation Greater MetroWest NJ network. The congregation is coordinating with local Jewish groups and the Anti-Defamation League to respond to the incident. Rabbi Marc Katz noted that the synagogue had received a state grant to improve its security, and he expressed concern about the prevalence of hate in society. Katz said everything worked as it should, and the community would not grow despondent, adding that hate wins when it penetrates.

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