Cataclysmic Earthquake Rivaling Old Testament Disasters To Hit Israel ‘Within Our Lifetimes’: Scripture Expert

Mount of Olives, Jerusalem

An expert in the Scriptures reveals that a cataclysmic earthquake like that of the time of Noah will hit Israel in the Last Days, a report says.

Express UK reported that Scripture expert and Bible professor Tom Meyer revealed that "the greatest earthquake is yet to come and could happen within our lifetimes."

The professor from the Shasta Bible College and Graduate School shared that 40 major earthquakes "have been recorded by historians in the Holy Land since the time of Jesus Christ" with a magnitude of "greater than 6.0 on the Richter scale."

As Meyer puts it, the cataclysmic earthquake that is about to strike Israel in the Last Days can be compared to the devastating flood that happened in the days of Noah. The professor adds that this huge earthquake might be the sign of the triumphant second coming of the LORD Jesus Christ.

Prior to his earthquake prophecy, a team of Israeli experts warned that powerful earthquakes in the next few years can happen that could kill hundreds - if not - thousands of people - after a tension was found in a fault line of the Red Sea. The same fault line that could rupture anytime due to the tension.

The professor believes that the epicenter of the earthquake will be at the fabled Mount Olives since the Bible prophecy indicates that Jesus will return in the same way He went up to establish His kingdom here on the earth.

"According to biblical prophecy, in the same way that Jesus the Jewish Messiah ascended from the Mount of Olives to heaven after His resurrection (Acts 1:11), so he will return to the same exact spot at the Second Coming," the Professor explained.

"This mountain was the place of His agony on the night before His crucifixion, and it will be the place of His triumph at the culmination of the Seven Year Tribulation - recorded in the book of Revelation - when he ushers in his literal 1,000-year reign from Jerusalem."

In an astonishing turn of events, geologists discovered a major fault line composed of multiple fractures under Mount Olives in 1964 when the Jordanians tried to build a hotel on the fabled mountain.

But unlike the flood that happened in the days of Noah, the Bible professor says that this time around, God will intervene to save Jerusalem from the antichrist and his cohorts.

""As YHWH intervened around 1440 BC (Exodus 14:20) to deliver Israel, who was surrounded on all sides by the Egyptian army, by parting the Red Sea, so again He will intervene by parting the Mount of Olives to provide Israel, who will be besieged in Jerusalem by the Antichrist, a way of escape yet again into the wilderness."

Professor Meyer added that compared to the birth of Christ, there are seven times more prophecies concerning the Second Coming of our LORD Jesus Christ not just in the book of Revelation but also from the books of Isaiah, Haggai and Zechariah. He added that if all prophecies about His first coming as our Savior has been fulfilled, then "all the prophecies concerning His Second Coming will also be literally fulfilled."