ChinaAid Founder Dr. Bob Fu Says Major Western Media Outlets Paid To Spread CCP Propaganda

ChinaAid founder Dr. Bob Fu
A screenshot of Dr. Bob Fu speaking in China Freedom File. |

ChinaAid Founder and President Dr. Bob Fu says major western media outlets were paid to spread the propaganda of the Communist Party of China.

In a Feb. 9, 2021 episode of China Freedom File, Fu discussed the freedom of the press that is non-existent in Mainland China.

"When was the last time did the Chinese Communist Party shown respect for the freedom of the press?" Fu raised in the video after narrating the banning of social media accounts in China on top of the press.

Fu, who is an American Chinese, commended former President Donald Trump for previously banning Tiktok and WeChat in America for being Chinese-owned social media platforms, which were found out to be used by the Communist Party for invading on personal information.

He also revealed the Chinese government's denouncing of Trump's alleged freedom of the press due to the banning of Tiktok and WeChat as mere propaganda since the Chinese government have actually been banning all social media platforms in China "since day one."

"There is no press freedom in China," he stressed. "Now all of a sudden it sounded like the Communist party is interested in press freedom in the United States of America. So folks, we know all the time this is just the Communist Party's game. Even denouncing the U.S. ban is part of the Communist Party's propaganda game."

He revealed that the Communist Party have several prominent departments such as the Department of Propaganda that is "directly" funded with "billions and billions of dollars" by the Communist government.

He also said that they have setup "another specific budget" that funds "overseas propaganda." He cited the BBC report which showed that at least $10B "in that budget alone" was used to fund major media outlets to promote the Chinese Communist party's agenda.

"That's why you have seen in Washington Post to New York Times, including Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and AP--They were all co-opted with this--part of the budget of 'grant oversees propaganda'-they were putting in the name of 'Advertisement'," he said.

To which he added, "You will see every morning that subscribers will receive inserts with full and several pages of news from China--it's all propaganda, painted very fake news picture of how beautiful the Chinese government is and how democratic the Chinese Communist Party is, and how lovely and free-kind-of-life the Chinese's 1.4B citizens are enjoying."

Fu said these news did not speak of the camps where people were maltreated--that "there's nothing" in those inserts about "the 1 million in concentration camps," the "arbitrary arrests," the "hundreds of thousands of churches being banned," the "desecration of crosses," among other human rights abuses.

"Have you seen anything that shows the Communist Party have any regard, respect the dignity of life? After atleast 130M to 300M lives--babies lives--have totally been destroyed by force. This is called forced abortion and all their parents had to suffer under this evil family planning system, undergoing this forced sterilization, this forced abortion. Is that respect for life?" He pointed out, referring to China's One-Child policy.

In their website article regarding the said video episode, Fu said that China's Natural Security Law puts Hong Kong under its "total control." He also asked for prayers for those persecuted in China and Hong Kong.