Chinese-Made COVID Vaccines Cause Adverse Reactions In China, Leaked Documents Reveal

Coronavirus Vaccination

Those who have received Chinese-made COVID vaccines have experienced an array of adverse reactions, including fever, nausea, and diarrhea, a new leaked document has revealed. The document also tells of a Chinese man who was fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and yet repeatedly tested positive for the disease, implying that the Chinese-made COVID vaccines may have a very low efficacy rate that is not enough to protect individuals from the harrowing virus.

The Epoch Times got a hold on three leaked documents, one of which was titled "Statistical Table of Adverse Reactions of COVID-19 Vaccines" issued by the community health center of Laishui County in Baoding City, located in the Hebei Province of China.

In the document dated April 8, it revealed that locals who were inoculated with the Chinese-made COVID vaccines experienced adverse reactions, including fever, nausea, diarrhea, rashes, a tightening of the chest, and shortness of breath.

A second leaked document was also obtained, this time issued by the office of Baoding Municipal Leadership Team for Response to the Epidemic, dated March 3. The document recorded the case of Sui, a Chinese local from the Lianchi district of Baoding City who received two doses of the Chinese-made COVID vaccine in December last year.

Following his inoculation, Sui traveled to Germany, but upon his return to Baoding on January 11, was kept in quarantine for up to 47 days. Sui underwent several COVID-19 tests five times during his 47-day quarantine, which tested his blood, CT, blood serum, and nucleic acid.

Test results showed that his IgM antibody in the blood serum test was positive every single time. Detecting IgM antibodies in his bloodwork meant that he had a relatively recent COVID-19 infection.

Baoding Municipal Government's Foreign Affairs Office told ET that based on their policy, a person can only be released from the centralized quarantine site if they turn up with a negative IgM test result. The representative said that Sui has been undergoing expert consultation once a week and every week, they recommend that he "continue his quarantine."

However, IgM antibodies are often present in the early stages of a COVID-19 infection. Such presence in Sui is highly unusual as he had already been in quarantine for over a month, leading experts to believe that Sui's IgM antibodies may be a result of the Chinese-made COVID vaccines.

A third leaked document obtained by ET was titled "Notice on Further Strengthening the Safety Management of COVID-19 Vaccination" and dated April 9. In the document marked as "extra urgent and non-disclosure to the public," authorities urged for continued monitoring of those who were inoculated with the Chinese-made COVID vaccines and had adverse reactions.

It also ordered government agencies to strengthen monitoring of such "adverse reactions that would have a major negative impact on society."

The CCP continues to downplay the adverse effects of the Chinese-made COVID vaccines, with communist state-sponsored Global Times reporting that the incidence of adverse effects from Sinopharm's two inactivated COVID-19 vaccines is at 1.06% only, "far lower" than the phase II clinical trial results that reported 13% and 19% respectively.