Christian Family in Pakistan Shot for Purchasing House in "Muslim Neighborhood"

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Nadeem Joseph and his family were attacked by Muslim neighbors after moving into the TV Colony of Peshawar, the capital of the Khybar Pakhtunkhawa province in Pakistan.

Salman Khan and his sons shot Nadeem Joseph twice in his stomach and his mother-in-law once in her shoulder. Both were admitted to the hospital as a result of the injuries.

"A month ago, I purchased a house in TV Colony. I still have to make the final payments to the seller, but Salman Khan, a Muslim in the neighborhood, has started harassing my family," Joseph shared in his hospital bed.

Muslim neighbors harassed Joseph and his family by damaging the doors of their homes and calling them "chooras" which is a derogatory term to denote Christians as untouchable.

Khan supposedly asked Joseph to leave the neighborhood as it was "meant for Muslim residents only" and proceeded to ask Joseph, "How dare a Christian family live amid Muslims?"

Joseph reported Khan discriminating against Christians with the statement, "Christians and Jews are the opponents of Muslims. Therefore you cannot stay in this house."

Police have not registered a First Information Report against the attackers, Khan and his family yet.

Pakistan is still experiencing religious intolerance and discrimination today and Christians in Pakistan face this discrimination on the daily.