Christian Leader Warns Against Cancel Culture’s Impending Attempts To Silence Faithful

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The Christian films industry will have to buckle up and brace themselves because "Cancel Culture" is coming for them, a faith leader warned.

The acts may be subtle, but the pattern could be clearly seen -- as indicated by Big Tech's removal of accounts owned by President Trump and his supporters, the recent termination of "The Mandalorian" star Gina Carano, as well as the removal of Christian actor-filmmaker Kevin Sorbo's Facebook account.

On Friday, Netflix announced their goal for more diverse films and shows in its platform, KTRH reported. To achieve this, it said that it will shell out 100 million dollars to sponsor projects that "present a variety of view-points." The "view-points," however, would have to mean that it must generate web traffic and digital sales.

Per the report, Christian filmmaker and actor Kevin Sorbo told Fox News that after his film "Let There Be Light" came out years ago, he got a call from Netflix.

"They said 'Hey, we see that you have a big step inside this family-friendly world, we'd like to set up an inspirational division here at Netflix'."

Sorbo said that he had three meetings with the media streaming giant. But after buttering him up with promises of future plans, Sorbo didn't hear a word from them. That was "a couple years ago."

"They were wonderful. They were very nice to me," Sorbo said. "And yet, it's just weird that they didn't want to follow through what they told me they wanted to do."

The Christian filmmaker said he had wonderful scripts for television and movies for the service. The themes, however, could potentially offend many consumers who are not particularly fond of seeing religious contents.

Then there's also the issues of political correctness. So while they are "nice" and verbally "patronizing" of Christian films, these same entertainment elites would more likely give their support on materials that could bring in bigger revenue.

"There are those in power right now in government and within the culture that would silence anyone who simply just doesn't agree with them," Dave Welch, Executive Director of the Houston Area Pastor Council, told KTRH.

Church leaders are agreed that this attempts to mute and disregard conservative viewpoints on polarized issues like abortion and same-sex marriages are also "anti-American."

Welch also pointed at the hypocrisy of Hollywood liberals castigating bullies, but they were doing the same thing to Christians.

Welch then called for a unified stance against bullying in Hollywood by supporting those who are firmly standing their ground on what they believe.

"The truth of the matter is, you can only be silenced if you're willing to be silenced," he said.

David Robertson, director of Third Space in Sydney, offered another take on this "Cancel Culture." He wrote that perhaps the best way to cancel the "Cancel Culture" is to show the opposite of retaliation.

"Instead of the Church signing up to the cancel culture, perhaps it's time for us to cancel the cancel culture. However there is a biblical cancel culture" he said.

Robertson quoted Isaiah 43:25 and said that Christians could learn from it given the cancel culture society's inability to forgive and forget.

"As a Christian I celebrate the forgiveness of God, bought at great price through the cross, and offer that forgiveness to all - whatever their race, gender, social status. That's a cancel culture to rejoice in."