National Institutes Of Health Canceling ‘Women,’ Calls Females ‘Pregnant And Lactating People’ Instead

Pregnant woman
A pregnant woman with a live unborn baby in her womb. |

The National Institutes of Health has cancelled the use of "women" in a media advisory released on Wednesday that called females "pregnant and lactating people" instead.

Ironically in a news release calling for "inclusion," the National Institutes of Health has excluded "women" in its language and referred to them as mere "pregnant and lactating people."

The news release, entitled "NIH calls for greater inclusion of pregnant and lactating people in COVID-19 vaccine research," was published in their website with the intent of pushing manufacturers to include pregnant women in the clinical trials since they were originally excluded from it resulting to "this population now deciding whether or not to receive a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine without the benefit of scientific evidence."

It also highlighted recent findings that "COVID-19 during pregnancy can carry a higher risk for complications" and pushed for the protection of pregnant women by making them a part of its research.

"News: NIH calls for greater inclusion of pregnant and lactating people in COVID-19 vaccine research," the National Institutes of Health tweeted the on Thursday with a link going to the news item.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' medical research agency found themselves bashed for their neutrality as most of the commenters corrected their use of "pregnant and lactating people" with "women."

"Maybe NIH would be taken seriously if they called said people 'women'," one netizen by the name of Jeroen said.

"Better check the dictionary. You're talking, very disrespectfully, of WOMEN. Insanity," another netizen, Vili Vrtovec, said.

While renowned broadcaster Willie Lora pointed out, "And this is the Organization in charged of our National Health denying Biology. We are so screwed."

The post had 447 quoted tweets, 305 likes, and 107 retweets including that of former Daily Wire Editor Ben Shapiro.

"You mean 'women'," Shapiro said. As of writing time, his post was retweeted twice as much than that of the NIH's at 1,397 with 67 quoted tweets and 15.4K likes.

The Blaze also condemned the National Institutes of Health stating that "political correctness and woke ideology" has now "infected America's scientific institutions" after repeatedly referring to "women" as "pregnant and lactating people" in its news release.

"It serves as an example of how fast things may be changing in the scientific community, as now, only four years later, the institute feels the need to edit every mention of the word," it said in its report on the matter.

According to The Blaze, the content of the National Institutes of Health's news article is an important topic worthy of discussion since it calls for the "greater inclusion of pregnant women in vaccine research" but it's use of "nonbinary phrase several times" has overshadowed its good intentions.

The Blaze pointed that there were only two occasions "women" was used in the news release and both of these pertained to the name of a 2016 department, which is the "Task Force on Research Specific to Pregnant Women and Lactating Women."

Previously, a similar move was done in Congress spearheaded by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who banned the use of gender terms in the 48-page house rules proposed for the 117 Congress. An act that was condemned as "stupid" by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and as a denial of "the very biological existence of women" by then-Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard.