Christian Org Bats for Legislation To Curb Hate Speech, Sectarianism in Egypt After Attack on Christian Man, Son

Christian Org Bats for Legislation To Curb Hate Speech, Sectarianism in Egypt After Attack on Christian Man, Son

Christian Solidarity Worldwide has issued a call for the Egyptian government's action following a brutal knife attack against a Christian man and his son.

The group said that the attack was linked to hate speech and sectarianism, a report by said.

Details of the Attack

According to Premier Christian News, Ahmad Mouhammad, 43, attacked Joseph Israel and his son on July 28 outside the latter's wine shop in Giza, Egypt.

The news outlet revealed that Mouhammad is a Muslim while Israel is a Christian.

The article said that the incident occurred in the early morning. 

Luckily, the victims' Muslim neighbors intervened in time and prevented Mouhammad from further inflicting injuries on the victims with his knife.

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Possible Reasons

According to Nader Shokry, a Coptic journalist, the attack on the victims could have been caused by statements from Sheikh Mabrook Attia and Sheikh Abdullah Rushdy, known Islamist preachers.

Premier Christian News said that Shokry suspected the preachers' sectarian instigation and hate speech as a possible reason behind the brutal attack.

The news outlet said that Attia, in particular, has posted several YouTube clips containing his comments on the murder of Naira Ashraf.

Ashraf was a 21-year-old Muslim college student who died after an attack by a male student whom she turned away due to multiple sexual advances.

In his videos, Attia reportedly blamed Ashraf for her "failure" to wear a hijab. The former also made scathing remarks about the victim's attire.

Attia likewise urged women to prevent similar attacks by covering themselves up.

The news outlet said the controversial preacher also posted clips where he reportedly mocked Jesus' name and poked criticism on the Sermon on the Mount.

CSW had reportedly lodged formal complaints against Sheikh Attia before the Egyptian Prosecutor General, the report revealed.

The group cited Attia's incitement of hate and contempt of religion as reasons for their complaints.

CSW's Statement on the Israel Attack

Mervyn Thomas, CSW's founding president, told reporters that they are thankful Mr. Israel and his son survived the knife attack. He also expressed gratitude for the timely intervention of the victims' Muslim neighbors.

Thomas said the Egyptian government must 'do more' to address the evils of hate speech.

"More must be done to tackle the hate speech that fuels sectarianism and prompts attacks such as these. CSW urges the Egyptian government to continue formulating and enacting policies to counter sectarianism and hate speech while ensuring that justice is served in this case in order to serve as a deterrent," Thomas explained.

CSW added that while Article 98 of the Penal Code is 'used many times to persecute Christians and intellectuals,' the same legal provision is hardly applied when religious leaders spewing hate speech are involved.

About CSW

According to its website, CSW is a UK-based group composed of specialist advocates operating in more than 20 countries.

The organization has a presence in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Their website said CSW works to 'ensure the upholding and protection of the right to freedom of religion or belief.' 

CSW calls such right the "first freedom," its website stated.

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