Good Samaritan Risks Life To Rescue Grandma Trapped Inside Burning Car

Burning Car

A man stopped the car he was driving to help free an elderly woman trapped inside a burning car in Sacramento, California.

KCRA reported that the incident took place last Wednesday night near the Riverside exit of I-80. The elderly woman, Kristine Smith, was with her husband and granddaughter traversing I-80 when something went wrong.

Smith recalled hearing something pop from underneath the car and thought they had a flat tire. She said whatever they hit caused the car to burst into flames. Sadly, she could not get out because she recently had knee surgery and her companions could not help her either.

"It could have blown at any time. It went that fast. I wasn't thinking of anybody stopping in that situation because the fire was so big," Smith recalled.

Meanwhile, the Good Samaritan, Elton Ward, was driving along the I-80 that night with his daughter when they saw a car before them in flames. Ward said he just knew he had to pull over and help. He immediately went to Smith and got her out of the car just in time before it exploded.

"Literally in a matter of 30 seconds, boom, first explosion, loud, big, big explosion. Then, when that explosion happened, huge flames came up," Ward said.

The Sacramento Metro Fire arrived some minutes later in the scene to put the fire out. Sacramento Metro Fire District Public Information Officer Parker Wilbourn praised Ward for his swift action that saved Smith's life in the nick of time.

"Had they not stopped and made that rescue, there's a very strong likelihood that those victims would have perished in that vehicle fire," Wilbourn said.

Smith and Ward reunited on Saturday and exchanged gratefulness for meeting each other and for the fact that no one was injured from the incident. Both agreed to stay in touch to nurture their strong bond. Smith expressed gratitude to Ward for saving her life, pretty much aware that a miracle took place that night. Faithwire reported that Smith said Ward became her grandson that night.

"We are totally grateful for his help. Thank the good Lord, he sent me a good Samaritan that stopped for me," Smith said.

A similar incident happened last month when a middle-aged man lost control of his car and ended upside down after crashing into landscaping and light poles in Pecos, Las Vegas near Alexander. The accident happened at noontime, allowing many people to rush to the scene and help the man. The Good Samaritans lifted his car and put it on its right side to allow first responders to remove the driver from the car. The man was brought to UMC Trauma for serious injuries.

While We Are Messengers Lead Singer Darren Mulligan similarly experienced a miracle after surviving a road mishap involving his truck that turned turtle because of the icy road. The Gospel Music Association said the incident happened in early February in Nashville, Tennessee while Mulligan was on his way to the airport for their group's first scheduled event of the year in Greeley, Colorado.

Mulligan said besides feeling sore, he was alive and free of injury. He attributed the miracle to God's protection of his life.