International Organization 40 Days For Life Celebrates 20,000 Babies Saved From Abortion

baby lying in soft bedding

40 Days For Life celebrated last Friday, November 19, the remarkable achievement of saving 20,368 babies from abortion ever since it launched its campaign more than a decade ago.

The Christian Headlines reported that 40 Days For Life began its campaign of putting an end to abortion through fasting and prayer and through peaceful vigils in front of abortion clinics in 2007. The pro-life group also celebrated having shut down 114 abortion clinics and helping 229 abortion workers quit their jobs. The group has gone global with campaigns now held for the first time in South Korea last fall.

40 Days for Life made the announcement on their big achievement through a YouTube video which showed the babies saved through the campaign. These babies "now have a name" and are "going to kindergarten." The group's President and CEO, Shawn Carney, also highlighted in the video the beauty of having a mother saving her unborn child from abortion and becoming a mere statistic of the industry.

"There is absolutely nothing like having a mom who you helped get away [from the abortion clinic], hand you that baby boy or baby girl that is alive today, that was so close to becoming one of the 56 million that die every year around the world--so close to becoming a statistic. But now they have a name, and they're going to go to Kindergarten, and they're going to play tee-ball, and they're going to do all the great things that kids ought to be doing," Carney said.

Employees and officials spoke in the video thanking all those who supported their campaign. "Saved from abortion because of You" repeatedly flashed in the video to highlight that the organization's success is really the result of all the people, especially their volunteers, who helped them in their campaign of saving lives.

"20,000 babies are alive today because of you. You went to the sidewalk, you cared, you prayed. God has a plan for these children and you were a part of God's plan," Dan Miller from 40 Days for Life Milwaukee said in the video.

"20,000 babies have been saved because of your sacrifice of time and prayer on the sidewalk," Theresa Camara of 40 Days for Life from Houston added.

While JC Carpenter of 40 Days for Life in Yuba affirmed the global effort that resulted in so many lives being saved. She said, "20,000 babies are saved from abortion because volunteers from all over the world said 'yes!' to Jesus, said 'yes!' to that little word that said 'go!'"

Live Action reported that in the group's Fall 2021 campaign alone a total of 849 babies have been saved from across their 612 global vigil sites. The organization held a webcast reporting their accomplishments during the season, which included saving triplets for the first time, and also saving six sets of twins.

In the webcast, 40 Days for Life highlighted that "the abortion industry is on the brink of collapse" due to the many pro-life movements going on in the United States such as the "results of the Texas Heartbeat Act," and the results of their fall campaign, among many others. The webcast also announced the 2-Day vigil that the organization will be simultaneously holding in their sites for the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health through its campaign called "Roe Must Go."