Media Most Dangerous Threat To Humanity, Hollywood Actor Says

Media Most Dangerous Threat To Humanity, Hollywood Actor Says

Hollywood Actor Austin Peck of "Days of Our Lives" boldly states that media is the most dangerous threat to humanity.

"Anything that would drive a wedge between me and God, and hence my eternal salvation, is a threat," declared the actor and martial artist in an article he wrote for The 51-year-old actor invited his readers to "unplug for a moment" and listen to him after strongly stating that news, live streaming, video games, movies, and all of the media are "the most dangerous threat humanity has ever faced." He went on stating the fact that being in the entertainment and media industry since he was a kid makes him qualified for his opinions, especially since God has given him the grace to see what is beyond the curtain.

A father to two daughters, Peck went on to say that the threat is actually the greatest and most fearful as a parent. He is not suggesting isolating kids from society and putting them inside a bubble to protect them from the danger that surrounds, but he is seriously pleading for parents to always practice a higher level of discernment.

He then connected this with martial arts saying that for him and many, they took martial arts because of the desire to protect, not only themselves, but their loved ones, most especially, and the same level of martial arts training but for the eyes and mind should be done by parents to protect their children from what media tries to feed its viewers. He went on to say that children are the target of media because of their value as the future generation. The battlegrounds are their hearts, minds, and souls.

"That is where the true battle is, is it not? Being able to see, and therefore avoid, divert, and, if necessary, combat the dangers that we're presented with. And what can be more dangerous than believing lies that separate us from God's truth?" Peck questioned his readers.

Movies Vs. What The Bible Says

He cited two movies to further illustrate his thoughts and along with it, pointed out how dialogues and scenes from these movies contradict what the Bible says.

In Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan Kenobi confronts Anakin Skywalker after he has turned to the dark side, where Anakin says, "You're either for me or against me," to which Obi-Wan responds, "Only the Sith believe in absolutes." Peck questioned if this is true.

He remarked that "absolutes" are true referring to Matthew 12:30, where God said, "He who is not with me, is against me," which surprisingly has a stark similarity to what Anakin said in the movie. He further recalled Revelation 3:16, where God said, "Since you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth." He then described the Lord as scary in reality with the Bible making absolutely clear the two destinations of man after death - an eternity in Heaven or eternal damnation in Hell.

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, he pointed out how the movie highlighted witchcraft, sending the message that if we can tap the "unseen" and "unknown", then we can have the power to manipulate realities. He also mentioned the Marvel Universe as a whole and its message of trans-humanism or singularity, which pushes immortality by infusing technology into humans.

The actor then reminded his readers about Genesis, the story of the fall,and of the serpent lying to Adam and Eve hissing, "You will not die, you will become like God!"

As a devout Catholic, he suggested three things that parents should do to protect their children from media and its lies. First is to be aware and allow oneself to look through the lens of faith to be more prudent in discerning. Second is to be able to sacrifice wants, needs, and desires for media content that offends and blasphemes the Lord and "Our Lady", and third is to know one's faith and the Truth to be able to take advantage of every opportunity given by the media to show and teach the next generation the reality of the world.

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