Minister Unleashes Fiery Comparison Of Trump And Biden Administrations And Policies

US President Donald Trump

A pastor addressed the significant differences between Trump and Biden's policies in leading the country.

In his Facebook post, Bert Farias, a Christian author and founder of Holy Fire Ministries, expressed his observations between Trump and Biden's strategies in ruling America, as well as the effects of these rules on the nation.

"Joe Biden is only the president of the DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA. Donald Trump is the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," he began.

He continued by saying that Biden is "weakening" the country by dividing it through issues of race, politics, religion and gender.

His presidency will also be marked by various forms of evil activities.

"Wickedness, corruption, evil, crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking, unspeakable perversions through pedophelia, and child prostitution, poverty, unemployment, illegal immigration, sissified foreign policy equivalent to treason, and the ever increasing possibility of wars will continue to mark his presidency," he said.

Further, he stated that most of Biden's decisions are "ruled" by the devil and continued Obama's efforts of "reopening the demonic portal to dangerous nation-destroying levels," adding that national security is weak and America is not safe under his rule.

Then, he started illustrating Trump's differences with Biden.

He said that Trump was strengthening the country by uniting it, increasing its national security through halting massive movement of illegal immigration. The former president has also strengthened the military to an extraordinary level that earned the respect of nations, as well as putting an end to human trafficking, destroying pedophilia rings, child prostitution and abortion.

Farias lamented that abortion and LGBT agenda was supposedly next to be toppled down "but the election was stolen." The former administration, he said, has reduced organized crime, drug trafficking and the possibility of war.

"...6 million new jobs created, lowest unemployment in 50 years, more than 4 million people off food stamps, created biggest tax cuts ever, attacked Big Tech, Big Pharma, Mainstream media and Fake news..." he also said.

Trump, he said, has delivered what he has promised to the American people, more than any other president has ever done. But Biden only lied and continues to lie, he said.

"God rules through TRUTH. Satan rules through LIES," he further said.

Farias carried on by stating Trump and Biden's two "greatest differences."

First, he said, is that Biden "is ruling like a socialist/communist ruler" while Trump ruled as a true "democratic president." With Trump, people are free, strong and safe. But with Biden, they are controlled, endangered and weak.

"Isn't it odd that Biden is the one ruling like a narcissistic dictator and yet it is Trump that is accused of such and carries that image in many nations?" he asked.

The next big difference, he said, is on the morality gauge. When Trump was ruling, righteousness increased. While Biden's administration encourages committing sin, corruption, evil and gross immorality, which Farias described as "insanity."

He then stated that Biden's administration and his followers are "reprobates given over to evil and incapable of believing the truth."

He proceeded with the passage from Proverbs 14:34.


Farias concluded his statement by sharing how he prays for the country and the church, adding that he also prays in the Spirit regarding the things he does not know of, but the Lord does, according to Romans 8:26-27.

Read his post below:

Joe Biden is only the president of the DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA. Donald Trump is the President of the UNITED STATES OF...

Posted by Bert Farias on Thursday, March 4, 2021