Nick Vujicic Calls On American Christians To Use Their "Voices" To Restore America For God's Glory

Nick vujicic once again reminds Christians to encounter God.

Australian evangelist Nick Vujicic thought it was important to remind American Christians that they have a voice in the public square and that they should think as a Church rather than as denominations, following a light-hearted conversation with Gene Bailey of FlashPoint under the Victory channel on Tuesday.

A lot of the conversation was on Vujicic's childhood, how he dealt with the year 2020, and his current ministerial responsibilities. However, before the conversation came to a close, Vujicic shared some words of encouragement for American Christians who are facing a difficult time in their country's history.

"I want to say one more thing that's really, really important," he said. "Christians, please be ready to understand that you have a voice."

He highlighted the fact that certain states have firmly told the federal government that they would not teach critical race theory in their schools, as well as the reality that there are currently 12 sanctuary cities in America that do not allow abortions to take place in their jurisdictions.

"They say, 'as for me and my city, we serve the Lord, and we will not have one child killed you can go to another city,'" said the internationally renowned evangelist.

From there, Vujicic said that there are cities for which Christians should pray. He also suggested that people run for school board positions if they want to see their goal of bringing the Bible back into schools come true.

"Did you know that if enough Christians believe that Bibles need to go back into schools, all we need to do is get on school boards and bring the Bible back in?" he continued.

On cancel culture, Vujicic encouraged Christians to understand that they may be compelled to speak what they believe, or that they may be condemned for even remaining quiet, but that they must "unapologetically," but "respectfully," share why they believe what they believe.

"This is the time where states will make a stand...and I believe for more people to go in the political arena, because that is the most influential mountain of the seven mountains," he went on.

For Charismatic-Pentecostals, the seven mountains mentioned by Vujicic symbolize the following entities: the church, state and federal government, media, education system, business sector, arts and entertainment, and one's own family.

"Politics is politics, but it ain't political," Vujicic said.

Lastly, the evangelist said that Christians must return to the "basics of shining the righteousness of God" by sharing the gospel, performing good deeds, and caring for the orphans who remain in foster care.

In addition, he made a passing comment that he had given up on praying for denominations to unite around the cause of Christ since Jesus never prayed for such factions to unite.

"Jesus prayed, 'May the church be one.' You and I are the church and there's only one foundation to be one on," he explained.

"It's the truth. It is time to come together on the truth. Forget about what denomination you're from. Let's go to the truth and be free in it and see America rise up once again for the glory of Jesus Christ."