California Pastor Calls Christians To A Kind Of Prayer That Breaks Strongholds Brought By “The Leftist Agenda”

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 Mario Murillo believes that there are demonic hedges numbing America's instinctive sense of danger and outrage toward wokeness. Thus, he said that prayer must be shifted into a declaration of war against the principalities and forces supporting the ungodly agenda perpetuated through the nation's current president and the Left in general.

After uncovering how Facebook deliberately censors blogs and websites like his that expose wokeness in the public square, Mario Murillo has launched his own website. He promised to learn how to get around the algorithm in order for all his readers and followers to see his most recent articles.

In one of his most recent posts, Murillo said that the present leader is responsible for the single most rapid fall in the nation's history. Part of this is due to the lack of accountability in the media which he believes is working with Biden, as well as in the "woke" companies that perpetrate horrendous acts against people.

"Biden makes everything about race," he wrote citing a news report from Sky News Australia.

"He blurts out lies with impunity. Yet, for all of the catastrophic decisions that have come from the evil that resides in the White House, there is seemingly no consequence to him or his team," he added.

Murillo says that he writes nearly every day to warn the public and that he works tirelessly to explain to leaders what they must do in order to combat the barrage of filth and deception that is being rained down on the nation from all sides. Prayer is, without a doubt, the most effective weapon, but it must be a prayer that is "a declaration of war against those devils."

"We can do it by preaching. We can do it by casting out devils. But our greatest weapon is to tear down this hedge with intercessory warfare," he reasoned.

These warfare prayers, according to him, will allow God's power "to confuse the media, derail the agenda of the Democrats, 'woke' billionaires, and China," and to "bring greater fire into the hearts of vessels of God as well as terrifying conviction upon lukewarm preachers, until the church rises as one voice to rebuke the workers of iniquity for their depravity."

The prayer model is based on Exodus 17, when Joshua descends to the fight, while Moses climbs to the peaks above the battle and raises the rod of God. Aaron and Hur supported him in maintaining his arms raised until the battle was won.

The raising of arms by Moses on the mountain top as the key to Joshua's victory in the valley was a representation of what Murillo refers to as intercessory prayers, which will have to be mainly about declarations in America's case. These declarative prayers will be directed against what Murillo refers to as "demonic hedges" around President Biden and the leftist agenda. He went on to say that this hedging is what is deceiving people.

"I found myself asking and declaring specific things. I raised my hands to heaven and began to say, 'The weapons I am using now will tear down strongholds!' I believe the power of God will move through prayer-mighty prayer," he declared.

Murillo concludes his web blog by emphasizing that now is not the time to give in to fear and wrath, nor is it the time to be concerned about the future of the country. In a broader sense, he argues that now is the moment to recall "an old familiar friend: prayer." Lastly, he wants American Christians to be reminded again of the power that comes from prayer.