Pastor Receives Death Threats And More For Exposing Witches In Church

Pastor Greg Locke preaching to a crowd
Pastor Greg Locke preaching to a crowd |

Pastor Greg Locke is experiencing harassment after exposing the witches in his church and preaching about deliverance from evil spirits.

In his live broadcast on Facebook last Friday, Locke, senior pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, revealed that he is receiving death threats and even demonic items from witches themselves who hated him after sharing about the devil's works, The Christian Post reported.

"... We just located the man the other day... They called the church... And this guy has promised to come to the tent and slice my throat and to kill me," he said.

He disclosed that witches are sending him glitter bombs.

"Everybody's mad about the thing I said about calling out witches. They're real... They're not hiding the fact that they're real. Is it the church is too unbiblical and ignorant to recognize witchcraft, sorcery and spells and curses when they see them," he added.

Further, he unveiled that his haters are also harassing the staff of Dunkin' Donuts, where he regularly buys his coffee, and trying to get him banned from there.

Locke said that these people should "stop acting like grown-up babies," pointing out that he will never stop calling out the works of the enemy.

"We're not gonna apologize and back down from that. I just thought it was so unbelievable... I don't care if the whole world hates me," he stated.

"If telling the truth is dangerous, then I'll be dangerous. If telling the truth makes me hated, then I'll be hated... Jesus said they're gonna hate you because they first hated Him," the pastor continued.

Towards the end of his broadcast, Locke called out the lukewarm Christians and stressed that "love tells the truth."

He concluded by inviting people to come to their church and shared that they added an evening service due to a large number of individuals who are attending their worship services.

"We'll take all the hate. We'll take all the death threats... We will be misunderstood. I love people enough to be hated by everybody," the minister further said.

That afternoon, he informed his social media followers that the event in Illinois, where he was scheduled to attend, got cancelled due to the huge amount of threats the host church was receiving. He then apologized and advised the churches to "seriously think" before inviting him to their events.

In February, the pastor said that there are witches in his church who were sent to destroy it. Though his revelation was met with criticism, a ministry leader testified that he himself was delivered from an evil spirit through the help of Locke.

During his visit at a church in Alabama last month, the minister stated that despite the hate he is receiving from many people, he is not concerned about it and will continue to do what he is doing until the time that the "glory of God" takes him.

In 2021, the pastor also became controversial because of his stance on mask-wearing, prohibiting anyone who wears such inside the church.