Trump Administration’s Efforts Against Trafficking Had ‘Incredible Impact,’ Non-Profit Founder Says

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President Donald J. Trump's administration received praises from Jaco Booyens, the founder of a non-profit called SHAREtogether, for its endeavors against human trafficking.

SHAREtogether is an organization is dedicated to combating human trafficking especially that of children. Booyens, its founder, said Trump's efforts to curtail trafficking had an "incredible impact" over the last four years.

In an interview with NTD, Booyens remarked that no other former presidents had ever created an office that specifically fights sex trafficking, The Epoch Times reported.

"We've never had an office in the White House designated and dedicated to fighting sex trafficking. No former president in the history of this country has used his or her platform to denounce the exploitation of children and then appropriate funding. So we've seen an incredible impact over the years, over the last four years, particularly towards the support for law enforcement." Booyens said in the interview.

He credited the "tremendous rise in apprehension" and "rescue of victims" by police to President Trump's appropriation of funds and task forces.

"We've seen a tremendous rise in the apprehension, the arrest of perpetrators and rescue of victims under the Trump administration, no question about it," Booyens said.

"In these cases that you're seeing now such as California, and you'll see some others coming out now, they've been 9, 10 months in the making under the Trump administration-in that mechanism of funding law enforcement appropriately, having special task forces."

In 2019, a Fox News report said that human trafficking in America is ranked among the worst in the world for human trafficking. For this reasons, Trump's efforts to combat human trafficking were considerably very important.

Booyens also explained that the type of interdepartmental communication necessary in tracking down child predators was first seen during the Trump administration.

"We saw that kind of an inter-department communication line be open because of the result of Ivanka Trump, President Trump, and then, of course, the other people in that administration who made trafficking a focus," he said.

In a 2019 article by Fox News, Booyens, a self-described "Lover of Jesus" and "Abolitionist fighting sex trafficking," argued that trafficking is rooted in sexual addiction that is fueled by the mass media.

"It is s*x addiction that in its core is fueled," he said it started with the people's addiction to watching inappropriate films that objectify women in" which we as a country have done a great job at completely objectifying women," he said.

Booyens said Hollywood was to blame for sex addiction along with the Internet.

Booyens emphasized the importance of combatting human trafficking as the children are the future of the world.

"There's major foul play, and unfortunately the ticket of trade is our children, I'll go as far, it's our future. Cause they are our future," Booyens stated. "I mean why are we doing what we're doing? You, me, it's for our kids, it's for America," he stated, according to One America News Network.

Booyens said that it is still not clear whether the strong support for law enforcement against human trafficking will continue now that America is under the new Biden administration.