Trump Gaining Stronger Support Base Despite Impeachment

United Arab Emirates and Israel agree to ‘full normalization’ of diplomatic relations with the U.S., Trump announces on Twitter post
United Arab Emirates and Israel agree to ‘full normalization’ of diplomatic relations with the U.S., Trump announces on Twitter post

President Donald Trump is gaining a stronger support base despite his impeachment according to Politico Playbook co-author Tara Palmeri.

In an interview with MNSBC, Palmeri revealed that support for Trump is getting stronger the more he keeps away from the media.

"A lot of people say that they aren't really Republicans, that they are for Trump. I think the base are getting stronger," she said.

"I think there's a huge disconnect right now between Washington and the rest of the country. And you know, Trump--people don't want to hear anything against Trump," she emphasized. "Actually, the more he stays out of the media, the more he becomes this martyr, this looming figure over the GOP."

Palmeri's statement came from her observation and interviews in Wyoming where she attended the rally called by Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz for Trump last Thursday. She actually came out with a report about it that was published in Politico the next day entitled, "Politico Playbook: My Wild Day In Wyoming With Matt Gaetz."

The Trump rally, as per Palmeri, was attended by more than 800 people who gathered in front of the Wyoming statehouse with "the same feverish voltage" of an "actual Trump rally." It was held in defiance of what Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney did by not representing her constituents sentiments when she voted to impeach Trump.

"I knew going in this was Trump country, and that Cheney angered his many fans with her vote to impeach him. But I wanted to try to gauge just how deep the anger ran," she explained.

"My takeaway, after an admittedly short stay and small sample size: If Cheney were up for reelection in 2021 instead of 2022, she'd be in serious trouble," she added, "Honestly, it was hard to find anyone who would defend Cheney."

Palmeri narrated in her article her interview with various individuals from Wyoming who weren't even in the rally and which led her to deduct that Trump's support is actually growing.

"If there was any doubt this is still Trump's Republican Party, my time in Cheyenne dispelled it," she concluded.

On Tuesday, Palmeri expressed her gratitude to ABC's The View who featured her MNSBC interview video through her Twitter account.

"Thanks for featuring my latest dispatch from Wyoming on @TheView. @MeghanMcCain nailed it--as per usual," she stated.

Fox News reported that Palmeri's observations actually run "contrary to the assumptions of many in the Washington D.C. establishment and the mainstream media".

"I think an impeachment would make him even more powerful--a conviction, is what I mean," Fox News quoted Palmeri in saying in her MSNBC interview.

Meanwhile, Samaritan's Purse President Franklin Graham urged Congress through Facebook to heed Palmeri in what she said in the hope of avoiding further division due to the impeachment of Trump.

"Here's a Washington reporter who went to Wyoming and was surprised at the 'huge disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country'. I think she is right. She shared the observation that former President Trump has actually gained-not lost-political clout since leaving office," Graham raised.

"When it comes to the impeachment, it does nothing for the American people, it only continues to fuel more disunity," he added, "I hope the leaders in Washington pay attention to this reporter, because the disconnect is there-it's true all over the country, not just in Wyoming."