House Violated Six Points Of Constitution In Impeaching Trump, Law Professor Says

US President Donald Trump

After denouncing the Democrat-led impeachment against President Donald Trump, Harvard Law Professor Emeritus and renowned lawyer on human rights Alan Dershowitz came out with an online seminar on impeachment in an effort to make people realize the House of Representatives' violation of the United States' Constitution.

"As we enter this contentious week I encourage you to subscribe to my podcast The Dershow where we will discuss the Impeachment, the Constitution and the transfer of power. Listen on Apple, Spotify and watch on Rumble and Youtube," Dershowitz tweeted Sunday, Jan. 17, inviting his 306,000 followers to the online seminar.

Prior to the said tweet, One America News Network reported that Dershowitz identified six independent violations of the constitution committed by Congress during their interview with him last Jan. 16.

Dershowitz emphasized, as per OANN, that President Donald Trump's speech during the Save America Rally last Jan. 6 that's protected by the 1st Amendment does not have grounds to impeach him from office.

In addition, Dershowitz said that "if the purpose of impeachment is removal" from office as President, what the Democrats are striving by filing the impeachment against Trump even "after the President leaves office" is contradictory to the very purpose and essence of what an impeachment is.

Dershowitz, in the Jan. 15 episode of his The Dershow, revealed plans of the Senate to put "Trump on trial under provisions of Articles of Impeachment" even after the inauguration of former Vice President Joseph Biden into the presidency, which automatically makes Trump a private citizen. He stressed that by 12:01 of Jan. 20, Trump will already be a private citizen.

"Can an ex-president be tried in the Senate on Articles of Impeachment that were issued and voted on by the House of Representatives while he was still serving as president? The answer to that question is clearly, 'No!', under the text of the constitution, under the policy of the constitution, and under the intent of the framework," Dershowitz began in his online seminar.

He cited the case of former President Nixon who resigned during his time and could not be tried for impeachment. But unlike Nixon, he undermined that Trump's status is a "stronger case" because "there is no resignation in terms of the end since he is no longer president come Jan. 20th at 12:01pm" and, thus, makes him unimpeachable.

According to Dershowitz, the Senate tried to impeach the president twice for unimpeachable grounds. He read the "three relevant provisions" from the actual Articles of Impeachment to give weight to his point, "with the first provision obviously is the one that gives Congress to act."

"'The President SHALL BE REMOVED from office on impeachment for and in conviction of treason, bribery, and other high crimes'. So it's obvious in the Constitution, impeachment is designed to remove a President!" he emphasized.

To which he immediately read the next provision, "'Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than TO REMOVAL FROM OFFICE AND DISQUALIFICATION TO HOLD FUTURE OFFICE.' It doesn't say OR in the disconjunction but it says AND in the conjunction, which means that the only way you can disqualify a president from future service is if he has been removed: 'removal from office and disqualification' and not 'removed from office OR disqualification'."

"An impeachment is designed to remove a seating president. It was not designed to prevent a former president from running," he reiterated.

Dershowitz also read a third provision that stated who will preside the impeachment, "When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside."

"Ultimately this issue can be resolved by the United States Supreme Court," he said.

"The Constitution explicitly prohibits no bill of attainers shall be passed by Congress," he cited, explaining that this is a trial set by Congress for punitive means without judicial trial, which is similar to what the U.S. Congress is actually doing now to Trump, making it illegal.

He warned that this is a "dangerous precedent" because this gives the Congress power that is not theirs but by the Judiciary's aside from the power to decide who gets to run for president or not, as well as, to "try any ordinary citizen for things that aren't crimes," which is "a foolish waste of taxpayer's money."

Watch Dershowitz's podcast below: