The Lieutenant Governor of Washington, Cyrus Habib, has announced that he would not seek to be re-elected, and instead pursue becoming a priest.  

Habib has been on an unpaid leave of absence since September, living in California and beginning the process to become a Jesuit priest. Habib commented that the decision had come about after "two years of careful and prayerful discernment." 

While he had stopped receiving his salary at the beginning of September, he does still keep in regular contact with the office and fulfills his duties as Lt. Gov. Some of these duties include presiding over the state senate, approving documents, and stepping in for the Governor when he is unavailable or otherwise indisposed.  

The Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, does not seem to be phased by Habib's absence. Inslee confidently told reporters, "I don't see this as an impediment. We can find another presiding officer. Frankly, his vote is not the deciding vote at this moment, given the makeup of the legislature."

Two Democrats, State Senate Majority Leader Marko Liias and Congressman Denny Heck will run against each other on the November ballot for the position of Lt. Gov.